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Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
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  STS-107 NEWS
 08.27.03 - Transcript from Administrator's Press Conference
Sean O'Keefe answers media questions on NASA's response to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board report.
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 08.26.03 - NASA Update with Sean O'Keefe
The NASA Administrator and CAIB member Scott Hubbard talked with NASA employees about the report.
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 08.26.03 - CAIB Press Conference
Webcast of the board's press conference on Aug. 26, 2003, following the release of its report.
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 08.26.03 - Gehman's Letter on the Columbia Investigation Report
The Board intends the report to stimulate debate for the future of space exploration and provide context for difficult decisions.
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 08.26.03 - CNN interview with NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe
Transcript of a CNN interview with NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe on August 25,2003.
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 08.25.03 - Inspector General's Letter to Administrator
The NASA IG reviewed and commented on the independence of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.
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 08.06.03 - Asteroids Dedicated To Columbia Crew
The celestial memorials, orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, can easily be found from Earth.
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 07.23.03 - Media Roundtable with Mission Managers
Three members of the Mission Management Team for Columbia's last flight met with reporters on July 22.
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 07.21.03 - Management Team Transcripts Released
Audio and text transcripts from Mission Management Team (MMT) meetings held during the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) mission will be available Tuesday.
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 07.15.03 - Independent Engineering And Safety Center Created
Drawing on 250 talented employees throughout NASA, the Langley Research Center will independently assess all NASA programs and projects.
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 06.24.03 - New Space Shuttle Columbia Images Released
The photographs and video, recovered during the search effort, were taken by the Columbia crew during its scientific research mission in January.
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 06.13.03 - Stafford and Covey Lead Columbia Accident Report Task Force
The Stafford-Covey Task Force is made up of eminent experts and industry professionals.
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 06.12.03 - Bolt Catcher Images
The Columbia Accident Investigation Board discussed the design of the Solid Rocket Booster Bolt Catcher during their June 12 news conference.
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 06.11.03 - Foam Impact Test Images
Administrator Sean O'Keefe released preliminary results to media representatives at a roundtable discussion at NASA Headquarters.
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 06.06.03 - New Columbia Tribute Announced
Interior Secretary Norton will host NASA Administrator O'Keefe for an event honoring the Space Shuttle Columbia and its crew on Tuesday, June 10 at 2 p.m.
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 05.01.03 - Final Entry Options
This presentation was part of an internal NASA briefing from a team charged to examine re-entry options for the Space Shuttle Columbia. The report was not prepared for the Columbia Accident Investigation Board and is part of an ongoing internal agency review.
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 04.10.03 - Air Force Images of Columbia
Images of Columbia in orbit taken by the U.S. Air Force four days before reentry.
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 03.21.03 - Shuttle Left Wing Cutaway Diagrams
Detailed views represent a space shuttle left wing with Reinforced Carbon-Carbon, or RCC, panels.
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 03.21.03 - Columbia Sensor Diagrams
Charts presented to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board on March 17, 2003.
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 03.21.03 - Columbia Crew Memorial Page
The Columbia families approved the memorial pages on the Spaceflight website.
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 03.21.03 - STS 107 Science Data
The science from the Columbia mission will be updated as new information becomes available.
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 03.14.03 - Columbia Timeline: Revision 15
March 13 revision of the series of timeline charts reconstructing the events prior to Columbia's loss.
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 03.11.03 - NASA Administrator's Letter to Columbia Accident Investigation Board
March 6 letter outlines NASA staff support to the Board with senior officials from outside the shuttle program organized in three teams—materials, operations, and technology—to mirror the Board's organization.
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 03.10.03 - Columbia Timeline: Revision 14
This revision corrects typographical errors, pinpoints the last point where NASA received data, and adds data (such as guidance, navigation and control data after we lost Columbia).
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 03.10.03 - Press Conference with Langley Engineers
Mark J. Shuart and Bob Daugherty, authors of part of the email traffic on Columbia debris issues, talked with reporters. See their statements and biographies.
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 03.05.03 - New Columbia Investigation Board Members
Nobel Prize laureate in Physics Douglas Osheroff; former NASA astronaut and physicist Dr. Sally Ride; and George Washington University Space Policy Insitute Director Dr. John Logsdon will join the Board effort. Michael Bloomfield will serve as Astronaut Advisor, replacing Bryan O'Conner as staff support.
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