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Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
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03.04.03 - JSC Media Roundtable Transcript
JSC flight engineers Bob Doremus and Jeff Kling discussed e-mails they exchanged with colleagues during Columbia's mission. Roundtable held at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas on Feb. 26.
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03.04.03 - A Letter From The Columbia Crew Families
The Columbia crew families express gratitude for overwhelming public support. Charitable funds are now available for contributions.
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03.03.03 - Correspondence between NASA Administrator and Columbia Accident Investigation Board Chairman
Admiral Gehman requests chang of personnel on Columbia investigation team in letter dated Feb. 25, 2003. Administrator O'Keefe offers additional personnel from outside the Shuttle program to work with the Board in letter dated Feb. 28.
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02.28.03 - STS-107 Crew Cabin Video
Video footage taken by the crew during re-entry on Feb. 1. The video lasts approximately 13 minutes and is introduced by Astronaut Scott Altman.
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02.27.03 - NASA Administrator's Testimony before House Committee on Science
Statement on the President’s FY 2004 budget proposal of $15.47 billion for NASA which demonstrates the Administration’s continued confidence in NASA’s ability to advance the Nation’s science and technology agenda.
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02.26.03 - NASA Research Aircraft Searches Columbia's Path for Debris
NASA high-altitude research aircraft, the ER-2, used special cameras to search for debris. NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, Calif., operates a pair of ER-2s for earth and environmental science missions.
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02.26.03 - Email exchange on Issues Regarding Columbia
Langley Research Center and Johnson Space Center discussion regarding the assessment of foam debris contact with Columbia during launch. Email beginning on Jan. 23. Focus more on internal Johnson interaction.
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02.26.03 - Email exchange on Issues Regarding Columbia
Langley Research Center discussion regarding main gear breach concerns on Jan. 31.
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02.20.03 - Email on Possible Issues Regarding Columbia
Email exchange on Jan. 28-31, 2003 on assessment of potential breach in landing gear door or wheel well during the orbiter's reentry into Earth's atmosphere. Focus more on internal Langley discussion.
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02.26.03 - Counties and States West of Columbia Break Up
These counties may contain materials that came off the shuttle before the breakup occurred, which could be important to the accident investigation. Anyone in these counties who finds suspected shuttle debris should contact their local law enforcement authorities and leave the piece where they find it.
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02.25.03 - Columbia Accident Investigation Board Press Conference material
Here are two views of a single thermal protection system tile from the Space Shuttle Columbia that was recently recovered near Powell, Texas, as part of the ongoing debris recovery effort.
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02.21.03 - Boeing Debris Impact Assessment Charts
Three sets of charts, from Jan. 21, Jan. 23, and Jan. 24, were part of an analysis conducted during the STS-107 mission of the impact of external tank foam debris striking Columbia during ascent. The analysis was presented to the STS-107 Mission Management Team on Jan. 27 with the conclusion that the effects of the debris did not pose a safety of flight concern for Columbia. Mission managers concurred with that conclusion. These charts do not represent a comprehensive look at the analysis, which included extensive verbal communication, and took place over more than a week while Columbia was in orbit. All open work shown on these charts was completed and reported to Space Shuttle management.
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02.20.03 - NASA Asks for Help in Specific Counties
Be on the lookout for possible Shuttle material 60 miles north or south of the reentry track, particularly in specific counties in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Note changes in county listings.
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02.12.03 - Space Flight Operations Contingency Action Plan (CAP)
The Contingency Action Plan outlines the pre-planned contingency response to a space flight mishap.
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02.07.03 - Air Force image of Shuttle
Black and white image released in the 02.07.03 press briefing at Johnson Space Center.
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02.07.03 - Columbia Sensor Wire Diagrams
Charts from the 02.07.03 press briefing at Johnson Space Center
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02.07.03 - Debris Plot
Initial chart of the Columbia debris field.
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02.05.03 - Risk Management for the Tiles of the Space Shuttle - 1994
A risk analysis study to identify the most critical tiles on the orbiter.
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02.05.03 - STS-87 Post-Flight Inspection - 1997
Inspection report following a Columbia mission where tile damage exceeded the "normal" range.
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02.04.03 - Mission Evaluation Room Reports
Daily reports from the mission support team that tracks anomalies and their resolution.
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02.02.03 - STS-107 Press Kit
An overview of the mission, including crew biographies and descriptions of the experiments.
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