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Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
CAIB report

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08.06.03 - Asteroids Dedicated To Columbia Crew
The celestial memorials, orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, can easily be found from Earth.
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06.24.03 - New Space Shuttle Columbia Images Released
The photographs and video, recovered during the search effort, were taken by the Columbia crew during its scientific research mission in January.
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05.27.03 - Astronauts Tour with Houston Astros
Astronauts honor the Columbia crew at Astro's games against baseball's best teams.
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04.17.03 - Columbia Board Issues Preliminary Findings
The board made two preliminary recommendations, regarding Shuttle processing and obtaining images from NIMA.
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04.16.03 - Columbia Recovery in Texas Nears Completion
Searchers recovered 70,000 items, 37 percent of the Shuttle by weight.
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04.10.03 - Air Force Images of Columbia
Images of Columbia in orbit taken by the U.S. Air Force four days before reentry.
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04.08.03 - Next Shuttle Crew Visits Columbia Debris Site
Press are invited to meet with STS-114 crew, who will visit debris search operations on Thursday, April 10.
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03.28.03 - Letter from NASA Administrator to NIMA Director
March 25, 2003 letter from Administrator O'Keefe to Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper (USAF, Ret.) regarding the use of NIMA assets relative to future Space Shuttle flights.
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03.28.03 - Condolences for Helicopter Crew
Our sincere condolences to the families of the helicopter crew members killed in the accident searching for debris from Columbia in the Angelina National Forest in east Texas.
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03.25.03 - Columbia Search at Halfway Mark
Nearly 4500 ground searchers have covered 56 percent of the planned 555,000-acre search area with 25 percent of the Shuttle Columbia delivered to the collection hangar in Florida.
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03.21.03 - Shuttle Left Wing Cutaway Diagrams
Detailed views represent a space shuttle left wing with Reinforced Carbon-Carbon, or RCC, panels.
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03.21.03 - NASA Reorganized Columbia Accident Support
Randy Stone, deputy director of the Johnson Space Center, will chair the newly organized NASA Accident Investigation Team to better align with the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.
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03.21.03 - Columbia Sensor Diagrams
Charts presented to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board on March 17, 2003.
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03.21.03 - Columbia Crew Memorial Page
Learn more about the seven Columbia crewmembers.
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03.21.03 - STS 107 Science Data
The science from the Columbia mission will be updated as new information becomes available.
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03.20.03 - Searchers Recover Columbia's Data Recorder
Search teams near Hemphill, Texas recovered the Orbiter Experiment Support System recorder (OEX), and sent it to NASA's Johnson Space Center for cleaning and analysis.
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03.14.03 - Columbia Timeline: Revision 15
March 13 revision of the series of timeline charts reconstructing the events prior to Columbia's loss.
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03.11.03 - NASA Administrator's Letter to Columbia Accident Investigation Board
March 6 letter outlines NASA staff support to the Board with senior officials from outside the shuttle program organized in three teams-materials, operations, and technology-to mirror the Board's organization.
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03.10.03 - Press Conference with Langley Engineers
Mark J. Shuart and Bob Daugherty, authors of part of the email traffic on Columbia debris issues, talked with reporters. See their statements and biographies, as well as the transcript.
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Report Unauthorized Activity
Members of the public can report any unauthorized activity regarding debris from the loss of Columbia -- including theft -- to the NASA Inspector General.
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Debris Warning
Hazardous chemicals may be present in debris. Do not handle or move any debris.

Located Debris
All debris is United States Government property and is critical to the investigation of the shuttle accident. Any and all debris from the accident is to be left alone and reported to Government authorities. Unauthorized persons found in possession of accident debris will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you find any debris, please call the Lufkin Emergency Operations Center at 1.866.446.6603 or send e-mail

Photos / Video Footage
In order to complete the accident investigation, NASA asks that any persons with photographs or video footage call the Johnson Space Center Emergency Operations Center, (281) 483-3388 or send e-mail

Instructions for Uploading Digital Material to NASA
Anyone who has photos, video or other digital material that may assist in the investigation can upload directly to NASA.
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