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Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
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Note: The Columbia Accident Investigation Board's Investigation is now closed.
You can view the full CAIB report here
04.16.03 - Columbia Recovery in Texas Nears Completion
Searchers recovered 70,000 items, 37 percent of the Shuttle by weight.
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03.11.03 - NASA Administrator's Letter to Columbia Accident Investigation Board
March 6 letter outlines NASA staff support to the Board with senior officials from outside the shuttle program organized in three teams -materials, operations, and technology - to mirror the Board's organization.
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03.05.03 - New Columbia Investigation Board Members
Nobel Prize laureate in Physics Douglas Osheroff; former NASA astronaut and physicist Dr. Sally Ride; and George Washington University Space Policy Insitute Director Dr. John Logsdon will join the Board effort. Michael Bloomfield will serve as Astronaut Advisor, replacing Bryan O'Conner as staff support.
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03.03.03 - Columbia Accident Investigation Board Public Hearing
The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. CST at the University of Houston/Clear Lake, Bayou Theatre, 2700 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, Texas.
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02.26.03 - Counties and States West of Columbia Break Up
These counties may contain materials that came off the shuttle before the breakup occurred, which could be important to the accident investigation. Anyone in these counties who finds suspected shuttle debris should contact their local law enforcement authorities and leave the piece where they find it.
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02.25.03 - Columbia Accident Investigation Board Press Conference material
Here are two views of a single thermal protection system tile from the Space Shuttle Columbia that was recently recovered near Powell, Texas, as part of the ongoing debris recovery effort.
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02.18.03 - Updated Biographies
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02.18.03 - Amended Board Charter
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02.18.03 - Letter from NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe
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Report Unauthorized Activity
Members of the public can report any unauthorized activity regarding debris from the loss of Columbia -- including theft -- to the NASA Inspector General.
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Debris Warning
Hazardous chemicals may be present in debris. Do not handle or move any debris.
Located Debris
All debris is United States Government property and is critical to the investigation of the shuttle accident. Any and all debris from the accident is to be left alone and reported to Government authorities. Unauthorized persons found in possession of accident debris will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you find any debris, please call the Lufkin Emergency Operations Center at 1.866.446.6603 or send e-mail.
Photos / Video Footage
In order to complete the accident investigation, NASA asks that any persons with photographs or video footage call the Johnson Space Center Emergency Operations Center, (281) 483-3388 or send e-mail.
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