Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Volume 5: Appendix G
Other Significant Documents



Book 1:

Cover Jacket (1.2MB)

G.1 Requirements and Procedures for Certification of Flight Readiness (1.9MB)

G.2 Appendix R,Space Shuttle Program Contingency Action Plan (880K)

G.3 CAIB Charter,with Revisions (5MB)

G.4 Group 1 Matrix Brief on Maintenance,Material,and Management (111MB*)

G.5 Vehicle Data Mapping (VDM)Team Final Report,Jun 13,2003 (1.2MB)

G.6 SRB Working Group Presentation to CAIB (13MB)

G.7 Starfire Team Final Report,Jun 3,2003 (5.2MB)

G.8 Using the Data and Observations from Flight STS-107...Exec Summary (15.6MB)

G.9 Contracts,Incentives,and Safety/Technical Excellence (1MB)

Book 2:

Cover Jacket (1.2MB)

G.10 Detailed Summaries:Rogers Commission Report,ASAP Report,SIAT Report (3.2MB)

G.11 Foam Application and Production Chart (772K)

G.11 Foam Application and Production Chart (6MB)

G.12 Crew Survivability Report (12.9MB)

Book 3:

Cover Jacket (1.2MB)

G.13 Aero/Aerothermal/Thermal/Structures Team Final Report,Aug 6,2003 (46.4MB*)

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