Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Volume 2: Appendix D
CAIB Technical Documents Cited in the Report


Cover Jacket (1.2MB)

D.A Supplement to the Report (1.3MB)

D.B Corrections to Volume I of the Report (404K)

D.1 STS-107 Training Investigation (752K)

D.2 Payload Operations Checklist 3 (4.2MB)

D.3 Fault Tree Closure Summary (4.0MB)

D.4 Fault Tree Elements--Not Closed (840K)

D.5 Space Weather Conditions (24.3MB*)

D.6 Payload and Payload Integration (2.1MB)

D.7 Working Scenario (33.2MB*)

D.8 Debris Transport Analysis (15.7MB)

D.9 Data Review and Timeline Reconstruction Report (3.1MB)

D.10 Debris Recovery (5.5MB)

D.11 STS-107 Columbia Reconstruction Report (19.5MB*)

D.12 Impact Modeling (26.4MB*)
Errata (30K)

D.13 STS-107 In-Flight Options Assessment (3.6MB)

D.14 Orbiter Major Modification (OMM) Review (2.1MB)

D.15 Maintenance, Material, and Management Inputs (22.5MB*)

D.16 Public Safety Analysis (10.7MB*)

D.17 MER Manager's Tiger Team Checklist (2.2MB)

D.18 Past Reports Review (300K)

D.19 Qualification and Interpretation of Sensor Data from STS-107 (2MB)

D.20 Bolt Catcher Debris Analysis (2.5MB)

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