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Small Altitude Simulation System (300 Area)

For the Small Altitude Simulation System (SASS) in the WSTF 300 Area, the single boiler powers a small three-stage ejector set of the altitude simulation system. Optimization of the entire steam system to multi-engine system requirements is achieved by configuration of the single boiler, the single three-stage ejector combination, and the multiple diffusers.

Altitude and Thrust Capability:

  • Maintains Test Stands 302 or 303 at > 30,500 m (100,000 ft) during rocket engine firing
    for up to 10 h
  • Up to 1330 N (300 lbf)

Steam Generation:

  • 7.8 MW (800 Bhp) fuel-oil fired boiler
  • Produces 3.4 kg/s (7.5 lb/s), 2.1 MPa (300 psig), 214 °C (417 °F) steam

Steam ejector:

  • Three-stage steam ejector
  • Multiple first stages are located close to the test article at Test Stands 302 and 303
  • Second and third stages are located on the barometric condensing tower
  • Interstage barometric condensing tower
  • 320,000 gal (1,200 m3) cooling pond with cooling towers

Mechanical Vacuum Pumps:

  • Maintains Test Stands 302 or 303 at > 76,200 m (250,000 ft) during test article coast periods
  • Can be used stand-alone for short duration firings
  • Oil-sealed rotary mechanical pump fed by Roots® blower
  • Each set (2) delivers up to 198 m3/s (7,000 ft3/s)
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