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Test Stand 405

[image-51] Test Stand 405 is a horizontal firing stand, complete with a 9.5 ft diameter by 28 ft long (2.9 m diameter by 8.5 m long) altitude chamber that is capable of testing both solid propellant rocket motors up to 110 kN thrust and hypergolic engines up to 4.5 kN thrust.



  • Horizontal firing capability
  • Altitude test capability to 100 K ft (30.5 km) for engine firing with steam system; up to 250 K ft (76 km) nonfiring with vacuum pumps
  • Maximum thrust - 25 K lbf (111 N); horizontal firing
  • Propellants: N2O4, Hydrazines & Solids
  • Propellant capability - MMH/N2O4 - 110-gal run tanks rated to 1,000 psia; both propellants can be saturated with helium up to 285 psi; both propellants can be temperature conditioned from 40 to 120 °F (4 to 49 °C)
  • Solid motor capability - data acquisition and control slip ring for motor rotation up to 120 RPM during firing; side and axial thrust measurement system
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