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Test Stand 302

[image-51]Test Stand 302 is an insulated 32 ft diameter by 38 ft high (10 m diameter by 11.6 m high) carbon steel altitude chamber capable of holding propulsion systems up to approximately 64 ft (19.5 m) in diameter. It has three interior levels for test article access.


  • Single-position, vertical firing capability
  • Altitude capability to 100 K ft (30.5 km) for engine firing with steam system; up to 250 K ft (76 km) non-firing with vacuum pumps
  • Propellants: N2H4
  • Propellant capability - 2800-gal hydrazine conditioning unit; propellant can be saturated with helium or nitrogen up to 540 psia; propellant temperature conditioned between 40 and 120 °F (4 to 49 °C); 2000-gal hydrazine dump tank
  • Maximum thrust - 25 K lbf (111 kN)
  • Vacuum test chamber: 33 ft diameter by 38 ft tall (10 m diameter by 11.6 m tall) or 58 ft (17.7 m) with extension
  • Removable lid for large test article installation
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Test Stand 302
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