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Test Stand 301

[image-51]Test Stand 301 is an ambient test stand rated for conducting propulsion tests on engines and propulsion systems. It is currently used to support space shuttle aft module testing.


  • Single-position, vertical firing capability
  • Ambient test capability
  • Propellants: N2O4 & Hydrazines
  • Propellant capability - 2000-gal storage/run tanks; both propellants (MMH/N2O4) can be saturated with helium up to 285 psia; both propellants can be temperature conditioned between 40 to 120 °F; catch-and-weigh tanks are available; two aspiration systems installed
  • Removable roof allows large test article installation
  • Test monitoring & recording with video, cine, sequence, and infrared cameras
  • 4,995 ft (1522 m) above sea level maximum test article envelope 25 by 18 by 18 ft high (7.6 m by 5.5 m by 5.5 m high)
  • Maximum thrust - 25,000 lbf; vertical or horizontal firing; temperature conditioned from 40 to 120 °F (4 to 49 °C)
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Test Stand 301
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