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Aaron Pacheco visits Gadsden's Career Fair
April 1, 2011


Recently, Aaron Pacheco volunteered to attend Gadsden Independent Public Schools' Career Fair as a representative of the White Sands Test Facility. Pacheco said, "The career fair had about 400 seventh graders and 400 eighth graders attending. There were multiple booths set up with various professional careers represented. The kids were able to go from booth to booth and talk to the people whose careers they were most interested in following. Some of the frequently asked questions were 'What type of education do you need?' and 'What is the average salary?'"

Pacheco enjoyed giving the kids the colorful brochures that highlighted the different kinds of careers offered at the test facility. The kids attended the fair in two groups of 200 seventh graders and two groups of 200 eighth graders in order to meet the capacity requirements of a large room. "This was an overall good experience," said Pacheco, of the career fair. At the test facility, Pacheco, a Labs electrical technician in the 800 Area, helps build up test systems through cabling, instrumentation, and validating the system for tests. Pacheco handles all the electrical aspects of the test system.

Cheerie R. Patneaude
NASA JSC White Sands Test Facility

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