WSTF Occupational Health Clinic

    WSTF has an occupational health clinic serving employees at NASA White Sands Test Facility. The clinic performs routine physicals and provides walk-in care for employees who are feeling ill at work or who have a job-related injury or suspected exposure to hazardous chemicals. An ambulance is available for emergency trips to a local hospital.

    Health 1

    The clinic also provides health education and wellness information via the WSTF Keystone Committee newsletter "The Porcelain Press" and other online newsletters. Employees may drop in to ask a second opinion or discuss a health-related issue.

    Health 2

    A certified Nurse Practitioner and two Registered Nurses staff the clinic. When not available, the Clinic is backed up by the WSTF Fire Department and Emergency Services so that help is available around the clock. Safety and Health are ALWAYS a priority at WSTF!

    Safety and Health Capabilities

    For more information, contact Alton Luper at or (575) 524-5157.