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    Environmental sustainability means investing in tomorrow by minimizing our impact on non-renewable resources today. Because NASA’s goals involve working for the future, NASA has incorporated sustainability practices into everyday tasks. As a NASA center, WSTF accomplishes this by being dedicated to exceeding the federal and state environmental regulations that encourage sustainable development.

    Initially, WSTF’s sustainability program developed from work to meet the federal pollution prevention, energy management, recycling, and green purchasing requirements. WSTF developed the WSTF Sustainability Initiative Team (WSIT) to advise management on environmental stewardship and sustainability actions, develop projects that encourage the site’s involvement, and to raise employee awareness in the area of sustainability. Today, through WSIT’s efforts, WSTF has established partnerships with the City of Las Cruces, the Las Cruces Animal Shelter, New Mexico State University Recycling Center, and other organizations to extend the facility’s sustainability practices and support the local community.