Environmental Department Home Page

    NASA’s progressive history and expectations of excellence not only encompass the fields of science, technology, and engineering, but reach further into all aspects of the administration. NASA’s strong values and dedication cross into the Agency’s environmental policy.

    As a directorate of NASA Johnson Space Center, WSTF is committed to safeguarding the environment during the facility’s research and testing. The comprehensive environmental management program is driven by NASA and contractor stakeholders. The Contractor Environmental Department is under the is led by Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. who provides the environmental expertise and management to ensure the site complies with the state and federal laws and regulations designed to protect the environment and human health.

    In addition to the site’s dedication to environmental compliance, WSTF is committed to exceeding the regulatory requirements by being a steward of the environment. Through environmental stewardship, WSTF promotes environmental health by maintaining its pollution prevention, sustainability, and energy conservation programs. To accomplish these goals, NASA established an Environmental Management System to ensure that environmental compliance is maintained, new programs and test protocols adhere to State and Federal regulatory requirements, and continuous environmental improvement is part of the way that WSTF does business.

    The links at the left of the screen lead to additional information about the facility, its various environmental programs, ongoing environmental stewardship activities, and how the local community can participate with NASA in this process.