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White Sands Test Facility is the Curator for Apollo Lunar Samples

[image-51]A secure keeping room consisting of a 10 x 12 ft. vault and an attached 8 x 16 ft. Class 1000 Clean Room were constructed inside an existing building to house and secure the Apollo lunar samples. The samples consist of a 52-kilogram portion of the full 382-kilogram collection. Fourteen and one-half percent of the total NASA samples are stored at the test facility.
Dr. Gary Lofgren, NASA Lunar Curator at Johnson Space Center, said the WSTF lunar facility "is a joint effort between JSC and the test facility in a collaborative effort to maintain the integrity of the lunar samples."
"The lunar collections are still exciting to us 30 years later," Lofgren continued. "Today, around the world, between 50-60 scientists research the samples. Currently, there are 300-400 samples sent out for scientific study each year. The results of these studies are presented annually at the Lunar and Planetary conference in Houston. Of the 12-13 scientific sessions each year, typically two or three of them are devoted to the study of lunar samples.”


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NASA's Kevin Farrah views an encased lunar sample at WSTF.
NASA's Kevin Farrah views an encased lunar sample at WSTF.
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