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NASA Wallops Visitor Center - Events
January 3, 2014
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1/8/14 1:32 PM Antares ORB-1 Launch
1/31/13 6:00 PM Water Falls - Science on a Sphere presentation 
3/1/13 6:00-9:00 PM Star Party with the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation and the Sussex County Astronomy Society


Please Note: Programs and activities are subject to change without prior notice!

 + Solar System Program - Eight planets around the sun....  How do they differ?  Some are made of rock, others of gas.  Some have rings, some do not.  Do they all have moons?  This 60 minute program takes students on a journey through our solar system using our Science On a Sphere.

+ Model Rocket Launch (All Ages) - A model rocket launch will be held at 1 p.m. on the Visitor Center grounds.  Models of various rockets will be launched.   The launch will be cancelled if it is raining or if winds exceed 18 mph.  Program will last 45 minutes.

 + Martian Madness Let’s learn about the planet Mars! We will see why Mars is known as the “Red Planet”, what amazing findings the rover Curiosity is discovering and play a fun Martian themed game! 

 + Water, Water Everywhere - Let’s take a closer look at how cool water really is and why it is so important to life on Earth. We will watch a Science on the Sphere presentation on water and then do an experiment to test the properties of H2O.

 + “Water Falls” is NASA’s newest movie created just for Science on a Sphere and is making its’ debut here at the NASA Visitor Center. This movie will change the way you think about rain, the water cycle and why having freshwater is so important to life on earth.  Water Falls is a 9-minute film which follows the scientists who track water around the globe.All ages are welcome to come enjoy H2O activities, themed crafts, and of course, our main event movie.

 + Star Party! Come out and celebrate the stars! With the help of telescopes, astronomers and NASA engineers and scientists you will feel closer to the stars then you ever have before. Bring the entire family out to celebrate with games, activities and star crafts as we learn and love the stars all evening.

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