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Launch Viewing at Wallops Flight Facility
Wallops Flight Facility offers a number of ways for people in the local area and beyond to experience launch operations from NASA’s only owned and operated launch range.

Get the latest information on Wallops launches here:

Launch updates as well as live updates during the launch countdown are also available by following us on social media:

Launch status is available by phone by calling 757-824-2050.

Information on upcoming missions and updates during launch countdowns are available in the Wallops area on radio station 760 AM.

Post-launch video and photos will be posted to Wallops’ main website and social media outlets.

For rocket launches flying NASA payloads into orbit, a live launch broadcast will typically be made available via NASA TV. For scheduling and video streaming information, see (Note: A live broadcast is planned for the Antares test flight scheduled in April.)

Most sounding rocket launches from Wallops Flight Facility are broadcast via USTREAM at:

For those living in or visiting the local area, there are two primary viewing locations for Wallops launches. The first is the Wallops Visitors Center located along Virginia Highway 175. Visitors are advised to arrive early as parking is limited.

The second site is the beach on Assateague Island (Virginia-side). Capacity is based on a number of conditions, such as time of year and state of the beach.

Finally, visitors to the area may also inquire with local tourism officials on alternate viewing locations as well as any local business events tied into Wallops launch operations.