Launch Information

    A previous Minotaur I Launch from Wallops Island.

    ORS-1 Launch Information

    Minotaur 1 successfully launched at 11:09 p.m. EDT, June 29, 2011. More information available here.

    Launch video is available here. Launch images are available on Flickr.

    ORS-1 is the Operationally Responsive Space Office’s first operational satellite. Rapidly developing and fielding ORS-1 is an important step to demonstrate the capability to meet emerging and persistent war-fighter needs on operationally relevant timelines.

    ORS-1 was launched onboard a Minotaur I rocket, integrated by Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC). The Minotaur I is a four-stage vehicle, two stages being refurbished Minuteman II stages and the other two stages being OSC developed. The Minotaur is about 70 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

Latest Images

Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor Recipients

This launch is dedicated to the Medal of Honor recipients from US Central Command for their bravery and dedication to ensuring our freedom and national security.

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ORS-1 Satellite

The ORS-1 satellite photographed during environmental testing last year at the Goodrich Corp’s Danbury, Ct., facility

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ORS-1 Graphic

ORS Graphic

Illustration of the ORS-1 satellite, an operational prototype, scheduled for a one to two-year mission

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