Wallops Open House Safety and Security Information
To ensure the safety of all Open House visitors, all visitors 16 and older are required to possess government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license or military ID. Minors (under 16) must be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian. Foreign nationals must possess a valid visa or passport.

All persons and articles are subject to inspection. Hand-carried items shall not exceed 8"x11"x4" in size and shall not contain contraband. Diaper bags and medical bags will be permitted but will be inspected by security.

Please do not bring pets, firearms, knives, weapons, munitions, chemicals, illegal drugs/substances, alcohol, general bags, backpacks, briefcases, portfolios, shoulder bags, wheeled bags, coolers/hard-sided containers or any other contraband.

Violators will be subject to denial of access or arrest.

NON-U.S. CITIZENS: Foreign nationals must possess a valid visa or passport. Please note that citizens of countries designated because of a special concern or interest by the United States government may be denied access.

RESTRICTED AREAS: All visitors must remain within designated buildings, event locations, and marked walkways. Do not enter any area marked as restricted or off limits. DO NOT WALK ON OR NEAR ANY AIRFIELD AREA NOT MARKED AS OPEN FOR THE OPEN HOUSE.

SMOKING: There is no smoking in any building. There is no smoking in any areas designated with "No Smoking" signs including all tent areas on the Mall.

CONTAINERS: No glass containers, coolers/hard-sided containers, or bags (This includes general bags, backpacks, briefcases, portfolios, shoulder bags, and wheeled bags.) can be carried on to the shuttle buses or into NASA. Diaper bags, purses, medication bags, and camera bags smaller than 8" x 11" x 4" are permitted. All bags and other articles will be subject to inspection prior to entering NASA.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL:No alcohol or illegal substances/drugs may be brought on to any shuttle buses or into NASA. Anyone observed breaking the law will be subject to immediate ejection and criminal prosecution.

CAMERAS, VIDEO CAMERAS and CELLULAR PHONES: Cameras and video cameras are permitted as long as their use does not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the event. Photography may be restricted in some areas. Cellular phone use is permitted in outside areas on the Mall unless specified by a "NO PHONES" sign or instruction from a staff member. Cellular phones cannot be used in buildings, auditoriums, buses, or other event locations. All such items are subject to inspection.

ANIMALS: Service Animals are permitted provided they are identified by a "Working Animal" style sign and remain with their owners/users at all times. No other animals will be allowed.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: In the event of an emergency situation that causes a closure or evacuation of any or all facilities, please follow the direction of NASA staff and any safety and security personnel.


QUESTIONS: If any of this information is unclear, or you have additional questions please contact the Public Affairs Office at 757.824.1139.