Wallops Open House Exhibitor List
NASA Exhibitors
Wallops Library
Goddard Space Flight Center Inspector General's Office
Wallops Environmental Office
Wallops Range and Mission Management Office
Wallops Advanced Projects Office
Wallops Mission Planning Lab
Wallops Mechanical Engineering Branch
Wallops Guidance, Navigation, and Control and Mission Systems Engineering Branch
Wallops Electrical Engineering Branch
Wallops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
ICESat Mission
Wallops Balloon Program
Wallops Engineering Test Facilities
Wallops Mobile Radar
Wallops Fire Department
Wallops Sounding Rocket Program Office
Wallops Visitor Center
Wallops Facilities Management Branch

Other Exhibitors

NASA Federal Credit Union
Science on the Shore
Virginia Space Flight Academy
VT Griffin
URS Corporation
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Wallops Black History Club
LJT and Associates
Hawk Space
FIRST Robotics
Surface Combat Systems Center (U.S. Navy)
Marine Science Consortium
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Atlantic Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company's Fire Prevention Trailer
Veterans Affairs