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Research Facilities

Wallops is committed to excellence in scientific investigation, in the development and operation of space systems and in the advancement of essential technologies. We are a test facility for the development, launch and data collection of NASA sensors. We also conduct a number of microgravity experiments that test the effects of weightlessness on humans, objects and technology.

Wallops is one of the premier sites for theoretical and experimental research on observational systems and techniques associated with hydrospheric processes. Most of our efforts are related to the broad study of Earth science and global change.

Wallops scientists plan and conduct laboratory and field measurements to improve the fundamental knowledge of remote sensing, evaluate sensor systems and quantify performance. Our scientists manage advanced planning, design and flight performance analysis of Earth-sensing spacecraft instruments.

Wallops research facilities include wave tanks; laboratory field standards; aircraft in-situ and remote sensors; ground-, balloon- and rocket-based ozone detectors; and balloon- and rocket-borne meteorological instruments and systems. We maintain engineering laboratories to design and develop new sensor and data acquisition systems. These facilities obtain high quality measurements that support the development of theories and new sensors, get key scientific data and verify the performance and calibration of spacecraft instruments.