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Wallops Machine Shop

Mechanical and Electrical Fabrication

Inside the Machine ShopElectronic, electrical and mechanical support is available from Wallops' fully equipped machine shop. The 26,000-square-foot machine shop includes a large selection of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) mills and lathes, manual machines, sheet metal fabrication, welding and heat treating facilities. Capabilities include full CAD/CAM implementation in developing and fabricating mechanical systems, optical instrumentation and payload components for flight research. The fabrication area performs functions such as sounding rocket launcher refurbishment, design and fabrication of Mobile Telemetry and Mobile Radar support vans and antenna systems. The machine shop includes mechanical technician laboratories for assembly of scientific sounding rocket payloads. Evaluation facilities provide sounding rocket payload, environment and mass property testing. The facilities are available through prior arrangements or for emergency services. The facilities primarily support NASA's Sounding Rocket Program.

Payload Support

Rocket in the Machine ShopWallops provides a range of payload support services. We are experts at performing efficient sensor installation and meeting other payload fabrication requirements. We have facilities in which to test and evaluate the payloads we help prepare. And we're known for the rapid pace we set when providing our fabrication and engineering support.

Point of Contact: Norm Schultz