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The SSC Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT) has three primary functions:

Dr. Ramona Travis, Center Chief Technologist, Stennis Space Center

Dr. Ramona Travis
Center Chief Technologist,
Stennis Space Center

  1. Strategic Technology Planning
    • Principal advisor to Center leadership on matters concerning Center technology development and leverage; agent for change to encourage new innovation
    • Advise up and out on SSC technology capabilities and facilities for collaboration
    • Member of the Agency Chief Technologist Council (CTC)
  2. Technology Development - Provide technology investments and technology partnerships with industry, academia, government agencies and national laboratories
    • Dual Use Cooperative Agreement Program
    • Center Innovation Fund (CIF)
    • CRADA
    • Space Act Agreement
    • Other Technology programs/projects through other NASA offices/Mission Directorates
  3. Technology Transfer
    • Intellectual Property Management (IPM)
    • Software Release Authority (SRA)
    • Tech Briefs/Spinoff/Innovation article publications

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