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First Test Area Construction

One of the first major projects during the construction of Stennis Space Center was the navigation lock and bascule bridge. The lock, located at the south entrance of the center, is a smaller version of the Panama Canal lock and was used to lift rocket stages and propellant barges as much as 20 feet from the Pearl River's sea level elevation.

These photos show the different stages of excavation and construction of the A-2 Test Stand at the Mississippi Test Facility during the 1960s. The first test conducted on the stand was of an Apollo/Saturn V second stage S-II rocket on April 23, 1966.

Photo - Ground Clearing for Locks and Bascule Bridge Photo - Excavation for Locks and Bridge Photo - Aerial View of Cleared Construction Site Photo - Aerial View of Early Construction of Locks Photo - Aerial View of Complete Locks and Bridge Photo - Excavation for A-2 Test Stand Photo - Foundation for A-2 Test Stand Photo - Nearing Completion of Construction for A-2 Test Stand Photo - Early Construction for A-2 Test Stand