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Artist's concept of the New Horizons spacecraft during a planned encounter with Pluto and its moon, Charon

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Science Mission

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National Space Science and Technology Center

    National Space Science and Technology Center image National Space Science and Technology Center concept. (Credit: NSSTC)
    The National Space Science Technology Center in Huntsville is an exceptional research facility and collaborative think tank on the campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Here, Marshall Space Flight Center scientists and engineers routinely team with their counterparts in industry and academia to perform cutting-edge research and development in Earth and space sciences.

    Work at the NSSTC is accomplished in collaboration with a host of co-located university, private sector and government researchers. This cooperative environment includes unique facilities and specialized laboratories that enable research ranging from insights on the structure and evolution of the universe to a more complete understanding of the Earth's global climate system.

    The NSSTC also is home to the Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation, a self-sustaining, world-class center for research and development that integrates local resources with national assets to provide science and technology innovations and solutions to meet critical NASA and Department of Defense mission requirements.

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  • National Space Science and Technology Center

    National Space Science and Technology Center

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  • Payload Operations Center

    Unique Facilities & Expertise

    The Marshall team works together across scientific and engineering disciplines to enable exploration and scientific discovery.

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