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International Space Station Expedition 12 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending March 10, 2006
Steve Roy
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.
(Phone: 256.544.0034)

News release: 06-035

Bill McArthur Expedition 12 Commander and NASA Science Officer Bill McArthur put on his customized Lycra cycling tights for the final session of the Foot/Ground Reaction Forces during Spaceflight, or Foot experiment. Foot investigates the differences between use of the body's lower extremities on Earth and in space, as well as changes in the musculoskeletal system during spaceflight.

For this session, McArthur wore the instrumented Lower Extremity Monitoring Suit, or LEMS, which measured his joint angles, muscle activity and forces on the feet during his exercise routines on the cycle ergometer and the resistive exercise devices.

This marks the completion of this highly successful space station experiment, which began on Expedition 6. It has provided valuable insight into the exact loads crew members experience on their lower extremities in spaceflight, which will aid in the understanding of bone loss during long duration missions and the use of exercise as a countermeasure to prevent it.

Educational Payload Operations activities also were conducted by the science officer. McArthur videotaped a demonstration of sleeping on the station in microgravity. He also showed part of his typical morning routine. The session will be used in NASA educational products.

NASA's payload operations team at the Marshall Center coordinates U.S. science activities on space station.

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