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For release: 11/08/04
Radio interview release #: 04-268

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Friday, Nov. 12
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NASA working to improve and recycle ‘space water' for astronauts' long stays in space

•  Water takes up a lot of room on board spacecraft. It is one of the most crucial provisions astronauts need to live and work in space.

•  Until the Space Shuttle returns to flight, the Russian Progress Module is transporting water to the International Space Station. The Station crew is carefully conserving water.

•  NASA is developing clean water recycling systems to provide adequate "space water" supplies for extended durations to make sure astronauts have clean drinking and bathing water for their missions.

•  The solution calls for recycling and treating waste water, sweat, urine and condensation.

•  NASA is looking at solutions for biological treatments of waste water for longer duration flights.

•  All of the systems will be tested together to meet NASA's exploration timeline.

•  Talk to an expert about the clean water projects and their role in the Vision for Space Exploration.



Who: Mike Flynn
NASA Researcher
Ames Research Center

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Radio interviews Available: Friday, Nov. 12

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