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For release: 08-23-04
Release #: 04-221  

NASA’s Marshall Center names managers in realignment

Marshall Center Director David King has named managers to lead new organizations created in the recent Center realignment. This transformation is intended to position Marshall to implement the Vision for Space Exploration — NASA's plan to return the Space Shuttle to flight, complete the International Space Station and develop human and robotic missions to explore the Solar System.

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Director David King has named managers to lead new organizations created in a recent realignment, a transformation intended to position the Center to implement NASA's space exploration mission.

"These managers are all strong leaders who will enable the Marshall Center to successfully support NASA's Vision for Space Exploration," said King.

Named to fill the newly created positions are:

  • Craig Seabrook, Business Development Director
  • Dr. Paul M. Munafo, Assistant Director for Safety & Engineering
  • Anthony R. Lavoie, Director of Space Systems Programs/Projects Office
  • James M. Ellis, Director of Chief Information Office
  • Tereasa H. Washington, Director of the Office of Human Capital
  • Teresa B. Vanhooser, co-deputy of the Engineering Directorate
  • Chris E. Singer, co-deputy of the Engineering Directorate

Named to lead new laboratories and departments within the Center's Engineering Directorate are:

  • Ann R. McNair, Mission Operations Laboratory
  • Steven D. Pearson, Instrument & Payload Systems Development Department
  • Pedro I. Rodriguez, Test Laboratory
  • C. Preston Jones, Propulsion Systems Department
  • Jack Bullman, Spacecraft & Vehicle Systems Department
  • M. Ralph Carruth, Materials & Processes Laboratory

The Marshall Center is a key leader in NASA's efforts in development of space transportation and propulsion systems and technologies, as well as microgravity research, advanced large optics manufacturing technology and manages all of the Space Shuttle's propulsion systems.

In June, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced a transformation of NASA's organization structure to streamline the agency and position it to better implement the Vision for Space Exploration. The Vision calls for the return of the Space Shuttle to flight, completion of the International Space Station, and human and robotic exploration of the Solar System.

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