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For release: 05-14-04, w/e 05-14-04
Science Ops status report #: 04-141

International Space Station Expedition 9 Science Operations status report for the week ending May 14, 2004

International Space Station Science Officer Mike Fincke has set up and activated a project on the Station for middle school students, allowing them to submit image requests of geographic targets to a Station computer. A computer-controlled camera photographs the target, and the image is downlinked to Earth. This is the first session for EarthKAM, or Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students, on Expedition 9, the current mission of the Station.

Education is on the front burner for Space Station Science Officer Mike Fincke. This week he set up and activated the first EarthKAM session for Expedition 9. EarthKAM — Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students — allows young people to submit image requests of geographic targets at specific times. A Station computer receives the list of requested images from the ground. A high-resolution digital camera controlled by a nearby laptop computer, photographs the target. The computer then downlinks the image back to Earth. When the students receive the digital images, they conduct geographical research based on the photographs.

NASA's payload operations team at the Marshall Center coordinates science activities on Space Station.

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