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For release: 05-07-04, w/e 05-07-04
Science Ops status report #: 04-133

International Space Station Expedition 8 Science Operations status report for the week ending May 7, 2004

International Space Station Science Officer Mike Fincke has set up and activated a project on the Station for middle school students, allowing them to submit image requests of geographic targets to a Station computer. A computer-controlled camera photographs the target, and the image is downlinked to Earth. This is the first session for EarthKAM, or Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students, on Expedition 9, the current mission of the Station.

Photo: Expedition 9 Science Officer and Flight Engineer Mike Fincke (NASA/JSC)

NASA ISS Science Officer Mike Fincke completed the seventh imaging session of the Binary Colloidal Alloy Test-3 (BCAT-3) experiment. After setting up the slow growth sample module on the maintenance work area, Fincke photographed the samples sequentially with a digital still camera and then stowed the equipment. The BCAT-3 experiment for Glenn Research Center's microgravity research program began on Expedition 8 with Mike Foale using magnets to mix the samples of colloids -- a system of fine particles suspended in a fluid such as paint, milk or ink. The samples have been photographed over the past few weeks as they began to separate.

Possible future applications of the colloidal alloy experiments are photonic crystals for telecommunications and computer applications and extremely low threshold lasers, as well as improved use of supercritical fluids for food extractions, pharmaceuticals, dry cleaning, and rocket propellants.

NASA's payload operations team at the Marshall Center coordinates science activities on Space Station.

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