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For release: 05/03/04
Release #: 04-128  

Explore the future of space travel
NASA's futuristic Starship 2040 experience to bring vision for space exploration to Westsylvania, Pa., May 3-9

NASA traveling space transportation exhibit, the futuristic Starship 2040, will visit Johnstown, Pa., May 3-9 to help celebrate "Westsylvania Adventures." The exhibit will be located at the "Summers Best Two Weeks @ the Que" Campground, on the shore of Quemahoning Reservoir.

NASA's futuristic Starship 2040 — a traveling space transportation exhibit that gives visitors a look at human space flight as it might exist 40 years from — will visit Westsylvania, Pa., May 3-9 to help celebrate the annual, youth-oriented "Westsylvania Adventures" event.

Starship 2040 will be at the "Summers Best Two Weeks @ the Que" Campground, a residential athletic and outdoor adventure camp situated in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands, on the shore of Quemahoning Reservoir. This year's Westsylvania Adventures theme, "Westsylvania 2040," challenges students to imagine their lives 40 years from now — a theme inspired by Starship 2040's visit.

Starship 2040 will be open to the public each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is handicapped accessible and the admission is free.

Starship 2040 gives visitors a glimpse into a very possible future — one in which human beings will travel and work in space as safely, affordably and routinely as we now navigate the skies.

Visitors board the "spaceship" and move through full-sized control, passenger and engineering compartments. Audio effects — engine noises, computer and crew conversations — add to the ambience of the experience.

Boarding Starship 2040, visitors learn about the Vision for Space Exploration, announced in January, and designed to extend human presence beyond low Earth orbit in the quest to understand the origins of the universe and to know whether life is common to other worlds or unique here on Earth.

"This exhibit ties to the Vision for Space Exploration," said John Dumoulin, exhibits manager at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. "We want to share this exciting plan with America, and Starship 2040 is one way to do that."

NASA places particular emphasis on inspiring young people — tomorrow's space explorers — seeking to motivate children not only to dream of a future in space, but to pursue careers in math, science and engineering — the building blocks of America 's space program.

All the innovations suggested aboard the exhibit — automated vehicle health monitoring systems, high-energy propulsion drive, navigational aids and emergency and safety systems — are based on concepts and technologies now being studied at NASA centers and academic and industry partner institutions around the nation.

While touring Starship 2040 and talking with NASA experts staffing the exhibit, visitors will learn about technologies now being investigated by NASA and its partner organizations to increase the safety and reliability of space transportation systems while dramatically lowering costs — making space travel safe and affordable enough for routine flights just a few decades from now.

For more information about NASA's Starship 2040 exhibit on the Internet, visit:

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