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For release: 03/01/04
Release #: 04-026

Media invited to join local high school students kicking off new project to build space station crew training aids

Students from three North Alabama and Houston, Texas, high schools are joining forces to build 30 custom-designed cargo stowage lockers for the International Space Station crew and ground support personnel to practice conducting science in space. The project, called High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware, or HUNCH, is sponsored by the Marshall Center in conjunction with the Johnson Space Center. News media are invited to join the students on a tour of the Marshall Center Thursday.

What: How can high school students learn how to build equipment similar to hardware astronauts use on the International Space Station — NASA's orbiting science laboratory? Some students have a HUNCH — High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware.

News media are invited to join students and NASA engineers as they kick-off a new educational project with a tour of an International Space Station facility at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville , Ala. The HUNCH project involves students from three schools — the Huntsville Center for Technology; Brewer High School in Somerville, Ala.; and Clear Creek High School in Houston, Texas, building 30 custom-designed, multi-use payload, or cargo stowage lockers. The Space Station crew and ground support personnel will use the drawers to practice conducting science in space.

The HUNCH project is sponsored by the Marshall Center 's Flight Projects Directorate, in conjunction with the Space Station Payloads Office at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The goal is to provide students with insight into a world they might otherwise never see. They meet with NASA engineers, view current training hardware, and build hardware that meets a real need in NASA's Space Station payload training program.

The project kicks off this week when students tour Space Station ground support facilities at the Marshall and Johnson centers.

Who: Bob Zeek of Teledyne Brown Engineering in Huntsville , a Marshall Center engineer and HUNCH project co-creator, will be available for interviews to discuss details of the project. Teachers and students from the local high schools also will be available to show some of the hardware pieces they are building.

When: Thursday, March 4

9 a.m. CST

Where: NASA's Payload Operations Center , Marshall Space Flight Center

To attend: News media interested in covering the event should contact the Marshall Media Relations Department at (256) 544-0034 within 48 hours of visit to coordinate with security. If you cannot meet that requirement, call us and we can meet you at the gate on the morning of the event. Media must report to Gate 1, Martin Road exit at South Memorial Parkway . Vehicles are subject to security search at the gate. News media will need two photo identifications and proof of car insurance. Visitor parking is available in front of Bldg. 4200 on the southwest side.

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