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For release: 06/20/03
Radio interview release #: 03-098

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Tuesday, June 24 - Friday, June 27
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NASA studies 'fire from above' — to save lives, protect property; National Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 22-28

  • Lightning is an unpredictable weather phenomenon. The National Weather Service reports lightning in the United States kills an average of 73 people every year, injures hundreds, destroys property and interrupts our daily lives.

  • The NASA lightning team studies this "fire from above" year-round to learn how lightning, storms, rainfall and severe weather all fit together.

  • The team has built and deployed lightning-monitoring equipment on Earth and in space.

  • They study this powerful force of nature to improve protection for spacecraft and NASA ground operations — while helping all of us better understand lightning and protect ourselves from it.

  • The puzzle is far from complete, but NASA is sharing its findings with scientists around the world.

  • Talk to a NASA expert about lightning and get timely tips for Lightning Safety Awareness Week.

Who: Dr. Dennis Boccippio, Lightning Expert
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

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Grant Thompson
(256) 544-4159

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Steve Roy, Media Relations
(256) 544-0034

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Radio interviews Available: Tuesday - Friday, June 24 - 27

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