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For release: 05/27/03
Release #: 03-086

Astronaut Eileen Collins, next Space Shuttle commander, to visit Marshall Center May 28 to help celebrate anniversary of flight

Photo description: Eileen Collins

NASA astronaut Eileen Collins — slated to command the Space Shuttle on its return to flight mission - will visit the Marshall Center Wednesday, May 28, to help celebrate the Centennial of Flight.

Photo: Eileen Collins (NASA/LRC)

What: Astronaut Eileen Collins — slated to command the Space Shuttle on its return to flight mission — will visit the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville May 28 to participate in a Centennial of Flight celebration. Collins, who was commander of STS-93 in 1999, will reflect on her role as the first female to command a Space Shuttle mission. She will participate in a Marshall "Footprints to the Future" ceremony, reserved for an elite group who have made historic contributions to space flight. The ceremony involves capturing astronaut footprints in a plaster frame and placing them in a permanent display in the courtyard of Marshall's Wernher von Braun Office Complex.

Collins and Center Director Art Stephenson will unveil an exhibit — a replica of the Wright Brothers' 1903 flyer - and Collins will discuss the 100th anniversary of flight, its significance for NASA, and for Marshall.

Collins also will be a guest at the Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit at the Von Braun Center, and later will meet with students and teachers from nine states visiting Marshall to participate in the Earth-to-Orbit Symposium, a Marshall education program that targets middle-school students and engages them in hands-on scientific inquiry.

Who: NASA astronaut Eileen Collins, Marshall Center Director Art Stephenson, others.

When: Wednesday, May 28

Media should report directly to the Building 4316, Activities Building, and be set up by 1:30 p.m.

Where: A map is being faxed separately to local media

To attend: News media interested in covering the event should contact the Marshall Media Relations Department at (256) 544-0034 no later than Tuesday, May 27. Media must report to Gate 1, Martin Road exit at South Memorial Parkway. Vehicles are subject to security search at the gate. News media will need two photo identifications and proof of car insurance. Visitor parking is available in front of Bldg. 4200 on the southwest side.

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