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For release: 04-10-03
Release: 03-055

NASA revamps 'Starship 2040' web presence

Photo description: NASA's Starship 2040

Marshall Center officials are marking Starship 2040's two-year anniversary by unveiling a wholly redesigned Web presence for the traveling space transportation exhibit — one that, like the Starship experience itself, provides visitors with a fun, unique glimpse into a not-too-distant future in space.

Photo: NASA's Starship 2040 (NASA/MSFC)

As NASA’s Starship 2040 prepares to launch a five-stop tour through eastern Texas, NASA officials are marking the event — and the space transportation exhibit’s two-year anniversary — by unveiling a revamped Web presence.  Like Starship 2040 itself, the Web site, which goes “live” today, is expected to give visitors an unprecedented and fun glimpse of what a passenger spacecraft might look like four decades from now. 

The Starship 2040 exhibit, created and maintained by the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., is a mock-up of a commercial spaceliner housed in a 48-foot tractor-trailer rig, complete with flight deck, passenger compartment and engineering bay. 

Visit the new Starship 2040 Web site, developed and maintained by the Marshall Center’s Media Relations Department, at: 

Highlights of the site include details of the exhibit’s design and development, tour information and links to NASA education and technology sites.  A unique “Starship Experience” section even offers “flight” information, boarding instructions and a virtual tour of the ship to tantalize prospective “passengers” — a provocative glimpse into a world where space travel is as routine as commercial air transportation. 

But the “imaginative reality” of this potential future isn’t the primary message of the Starship 2040 Web site.  Like the exhibit itself, the site’s main mission is to showcase space transportation and propulsion technologies now in development by NASA and its research partners.  And, also like the exhibit, the site packages this information in an entertaining and enlightening way — engaging students and older visitors alike.  

Starship 2040 represents the promise and potential of today’s most ambitious NASA pursuits: 

  • The Space Launch Initiative, the key to opening the space frontier for continued scientific exploration and economic expansion — improving launch vehicle safety, reliability and affordability for government and private industry, and

  • The In-Space Propulsion Technology program, which seeks innovative new propulsion solutions to replace conventional chemical fuels, enabling robust science and exploration missions throughout the solar system.

On April 15, the exhibit embarks on a five-day, five-stop tour of eastern Texas.  Details are available on the Starship 2040 Web site. 

In its first two years on the road, Starship 2040 visited nearly 40 cities in 20 states, drawing more than half a million total visitors. 

For more information about NASA’s space transportation and propulsion initiatives and the technologies now in development to realize America’s future in space, visit these Web sites:

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