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For release: 01/28/03
Radio interview release #: 03-016

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Earthquake experiment on the Space Shuttle could help improve structural engineering concepts and prevent damage during soil shifts!
  • Nothing seems more down-to-Earth than dirt, but scientists have gone to space to understand how earthquakes and related strains and stresses disturb soil and sand.

  • Part of the experiment currently on the Space Shuttle involves sand saturated with water, which resembles building foundation soil on Earth.

  • Astronauts are studying and testing the results to answer such questions as:

    1. Can understanding soil behavior during earthquakes help engineers design better building foundations?

    2. Can these results be applied to the mining industry, including coastal and offshore engineering projects?

    3. Will the results provide a better understanding of how soils react under extreme pressures?

  • Talk to an expert about the experiments and how they may improve life in on Earth.

Who: Buddy Guynes
Program Manager
NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Radio Interview Information:
Grant Thompson (256) 544-4159

Story Information:
Steve Roy, Media Relations
(256) 544-0034

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