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Marshall Space Flight Center News Releases
The Marshall News Release archive contains the latest news, media advisories, and status reports from Marshall, organized by date and year.

Robert Devlin 12.29.06: Robert Devlin Appointed to Senior Executive Service, Named Deputy of Office of Center Operations at NASA's Marshall Center

William Bierbower 12.28.06: William Bierbower Appointed to Senior Executive Service, Named Chief Counsel at NASA's Marshall Center

Hinode X-Ray Telescope image of the sun 12.22.06: First Images From Hinode Offer New Clues About Our Violent Sun

An aerial view of the manufacturing area at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans 12.22.06: NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans Has Key Role in Space Exploration -- Past, Present and Future

Sheila Cloud 12.21.06: Marshall Center's Sheila Cloud to Lead Transition of NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility to Support Exploration Work

Dr. John M Horack 12.21.06: Dr. John Horack Named Manager of Science and Mission Systems Office at NASA's Marshall Center, Appointed to Senior Executive Service

A test of thermal protection system panel 12.20.06: NASA Meets Key Objective in Developing New Propulsion Method

Dr. Alphonse Sterling at the Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima, Japan, before the launch of Hinode, an international mission to study the sun. 12.08.06: Japan 'Home Away From Home' For NASA Marshall Astrophysicist Supporting Hinode, An International Mission To Study Sun

Space Shuttle Discovery awaits launch at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla., launch pad 39B. 12.07.06: NASA Reschedules Space Shuttle Launch for Saturday

Dr. Lisa Monaco, project scientist for the Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Development program, examines a prototype chip. 12.04.06: NASA Lab-On-a-Chip Technology Begins Journey to Space Station

11.27.06: NASA's Marshall Center to Kick Off the Holiday Season With Tree-Lighting Nov. 30

NASA fires a reusable solid rocket motor Thursday, Nov. 16 in Utah. 11.17.06: Rocket Motor Test Helps NASA's Shuttle and Ares I

11.16.06: NASA Completes Milestone Review of Next Human Spacecraft System

Robert Lightfoot 11.16.06: Robert M. Lightfoot, Space Shuttle Propulsion Manager at NASA's Marshall Center, Receives Nation's Highest Federal Service Honor

Teresa Vanhooser 11.16.06: Teresa Vanhooser Honored with Presidential Rank Award for Service to NASA's Marshall Center

Robin Henderson 11.16.06: NASA's Marshall Center Associate Director Robin Henderson Receives Presidential Rank Award

Neil Rodgers 11.15.06: Neil Rodgers Appointed to Senior Executive Service as Deputy Chief Information Officer at NASA's Marshall Center

Dr. Herbert Shivers 11.15.06: Herbert Shivers Appointed to Senior Executive Service, Named Deputy Director of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA's Marshall Center

Chandra image shows Casseiopeia A. 11.15.06: Chandra Discovers Relativistic Pinball Machine

Libby Kilgo Youmans 11.14.06: NASA's Marshall Center Honors Decatur Native Libby Kilgo Youmans with Women's Equality Day Award

11.09.06: NASA to Conduct Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motor Test in Utah Nov. 16

Phil Sumrall 11.06.06: NASA Engineer, Former Von Braun Team Member Phil Sumrall Leading Development of NASA's Future Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle

Teresa Vanhooser 11.03.06: NASA's Marshall Center Honors Johnson City, Tenn., Native Teresa Vanhooser with Women's Equality Day Award

Lisa Carr 11.03.06: NASA's Marshall Center Honors Baxter, Tenn., Native Lisa Carr with Women's Equality Day Award

10.30.06: NASA Brings Vision for Space Exploration to Tuskegee, Ala., Students Nov. 2-3

10.30.06: Space Shuttle Atlantis' STS-115 Astronauts To Visit NASA's Marshall Center Nov. 1

Rick Burt 10.26.06: NASA Engineer, Tennessee Native Rick Burt Named to Senior Executive Service

10.23.06: Americans with Disabilities to Be Recognized at Team Redstone Event Oct. 25

10.17.06: NASA Brings Vision for Space Exploration to Texarkana, Ark. Students Oct. 19-20

10.16.06: Former NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz to Address Marshall Center Employees at Safety Day Oct. 19

Elia Ordonez 10.13.06: International Hispanic Association Names NASA's Elia Ordonez Its Woman Of The Year

Dan Dumbacher 10.10.06: NASA Engineer, Indiana Native Dan Dumbacher Helps Lead Development of Next Generation Launch Vehicles

Composite image of the M87 galaxy. 10.05.06: Chandra Reviews Black Hole Musical: Epic But Off-Key

A map of global lightning data captured by NASA's Optical Transient Detector and Lightning Imaging Sensor satellite instruments. 10.02.06: NASA Science Team’s Global Lightning Study Promises Fresh Insight into Severe-Storm Behavior, Better Safeguards for Lives, Property

09.21.06: Media Invited to Cover NASA Industry Day for Ares Launch Vehicles Sept. 29 in Huntsville, Ala.

09.19.06: NASA Brings Vision for Space Exploration To Tanner, Ala., High School Students

At the Uchinoura Space Center in Japan, Solar-B is mounted to the third-stage motor of the rocket that will carry the satellite into space. 09.18.06: NASA Teams up with Japan, United Kingdom And Europe to Study The Sun

A composite image of supernova remnant RCW 86, using data from Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray observatories. 09.18.06: New Evidence Links Stellar Remains to Oldest Recorded Supernova

Artist concept of Solar-B operating in space 09.13.06: NASA Announces Solar-B Media Briefing

09.13.06: NASA to Encourage Hispanic Students to Reach New Frontiers at Youth Conference In Huntsville Sept. 15

09.12.06: Tennessee Valley Combined Federal Campaign Kickoff Sept. 19

STS-121 crew members from left, bottom, Stephanie Wilson, mission specialist; Steve Lindsey, commander; and Lisa Nowak, mission specialist; from left, top, mission specialists Piers Sellers and Mike Fossum; and Mark Kelly, pilot. 09.11.06: Space Shuttle STS-121 Crew to Visit NASA's Marshall Center Sept. 14

Barbara Stone-Towns 09.05.06: Clinton Native Barbara Stone-Towns Named NASA's 'Cost Estimator of the Year'

Data is gathered as the pilot parachute and its payload, the drop test vehicle, descend from an elevation of about 10,000 feet during testing of the recovery system for the first stage booster of NASA’s Ares I. 09.01.06: NASA's Exploration Systems Progress Report

Rocco A. Petrone 08.30.06: Former Marshall Center Director Dr. Rocco Petrone Passes Away at 80

08.25.06: NASA Awards Contract Option to Science Applications International Corp. to Continue Information Support Services

Curtis Manning 08.25.06: NASA's Curtis Manning Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Explore Creating Tools and Parts in Space

Artist concept of a spacecraft using aerocapture to enter an orbit around Mars. 08.23.06: Media Invited to Observe Thermal Protection Tests for Aerocapture -- NASA Technology to Propel Spacecraft of Future -- at Expo Sept. 6

Composite image of the galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56, also known as the 'bullet cluster.' 08.21.06: NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

Stephen F. Cash 08.21.06: Stephen F. Cash Appointed to Senior Executive Service; Named NASA Marshall Center Deputy Manager of Shuttle Propulsion Office

08.16.06: NASA Gives 'Go' for Space Shuttle Atlantis' Launch

08.15.06: Long-Distance Call: Nashville, Tenn., Students to Talk to the Crew of International Space Station, Veteran NASA Astronaut

08.14.06: NASA Announces Crew and Cargo Transportation Partners

08.11.06: NASA Announces Post Readiness Review Press Conference

08.08.06: International Space Station Expedition 13 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending August 4, 2006

These six galaxy clusters are among 38 that scientists observed with Chandra to help determine the Hubble constant.  The clusters’ distances range from 1.4 to 9.3 million light years from Earth. 08.08.06: Chandra Independently Determines Hubble Constant

Dr. Charles Meegan, an astrophysicist at the Marshall Center, tests the GLAST Burst Monitor, a space-based instrument for studying gamma ray bursts. 08.07.06: NASA's GLAST Burst Monitor Set for Spacecraft Integration, One Step Closer to Tracking Most Powerful Explosions in Universe

Subscale main injector hardware undergoes hot-fire testing at the Marshall Center in June 2006. 07.28.06: NASA Exploration Systems Progress Report

07.25.06: Media Invited to Attend 'Exploration Media Day' Activities at NASA's Marshall Center Aug. 3

Expedition 13 07.24.06: Space Station Home to Three Crew Members Again

Marshall Center Materials and Processes Laboratory engineers analyze an Army helicopter rotor ring. 07.24.06: NASA's Marshall Center Engineers Team With The Army to Solve Mysteries in Helicopter Parts

Daniel J. Davis 07.10.06: NASA Marshall Center's Daniel J. Davis Named to NASA's Senior Executive Service

Rosalie Allen 07.10.06: Rosalie Allen, NASA Marshall Center Director of Strategic Analysis and Communications, Appointed to Senior Executive Service

Roy Malone 07.06.06: NASA Marshall Center's Roy W. Malone Jr. Named Head of Safety and Mission Assurance

Concept image of Ares I 06.30.06: NASA Names New Rockets, Saluting the Future, Honoring the Past

06.30.06: International Space Station Expedition 13 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending June 30, 2006

Wind tunnel testing on a partial model of the Crew Launch Vehicle 06.27.06: Exploration Systems Progress Report

Composite image of GRO J1655-40 06.21.06: NASA's Chandra Solves Black Hole Paradox

06.21.06: NASA's Marshall Center Honors 245 for Individual and Group Achievements to Meet the Vision for Space Exploration

06.19.06: NASA's Marshall Center to Recognize 245 for Individual and Group Achievements at Annual Honor Awards Ceremony June 21

Space Shuttle Discovery rests on the hardstand of Launch Pad 39B 06.17.06: NASA Gives 'Go' for Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Volunteers in the Iraqi village of Kendala help install and test a water purification system with NASA technology. 06.15.06: NASA Technology Aids Water Purification Effort in Iraq

Steve Cook 06.12.06: NASA Marshall Center's Steve Cook Leads Development of NASA's New Space Launch Vehicles

06.07.06: NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale to Visit Marshall Center June 9

Lockheed Martin and NASA personnel at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans bid farewell June 5 to the space shuttle external tank designated ET-118. 06.05.06: Shuttle Tank ET-118 Departs New Orleans, Bound for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

06.05.06: NASA Announces Distribution of Constellation Work

06.05.06: NASA Announces Engine Development Contract

06.02.06: NASA Presents Exploration Program Update

A newly released image of Supernova Remnant IC443 combines wide-field X-ray, radio and optical observations. The pullout, also a composite, shows a neutron star spewing out a comet-like wake of high-energy particles. 06.01.06: The Case of the Neutron Star With a Wayward Wake

Eruption of Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska 05.30.06: International Space Station Expedition 13 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending May 26, 2006

05.25.06: Arlington, Va., Native Helps Track Hurricanes for NASA

05.25.06: Delaware, Ohio, Native Helps Track Hurricanes for NASA

05.25.06: Neosho, Mo., Native Leads Successful Hurricane Study for NASA

Jeffrey Williams 05.22.06: International Space Station Expedition 13 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending May 19, 2006

An RS-68 engine undergoes hot-fire testing. 05.19.06: NASA'S Exploration Systems Progress Report

Marshall Center engineers use a suite of design tools called PARSEC, short for the Preliminary Analysis of Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts. 05.18.06: Better, Faster Spacecraft Designs: New Software System Offers Promise Of NASA-Wide Collaboration

Students from Madison West High School of Madison, Wis., assemble their rocket before launching it in Manchester, Tenn., during the NASA Student Launch Initiative May 6. 05.08.06: Student Teams Launch Rockets and Bring Home Awards from NASA Student Launch Initiative Events

05.05.06: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Honors 2005 Contractor Excellence Award Winners

05.04.06: Original Von Braun, Marshall Center Team Members and Apollo Astronaut to Discuss Past, Present, Future of Space Exploration at Von Braun Forum May 11

The 28-second firing tested a 48-inch-diameter, modified NASA motor, and is part of the Space Shuttle program's ongoing verification of components, materials and manufacturing processes of Shuttle parts. 05.04.06: Marshall Center to Test 48-Inch Solid Rocket Motor Today

05.03.06: North Alabamians Can View Rare Comet May 12-13; NASA Astronomer to Discuss Best Viewing at May 10 Media Briefing

05.03.06: High School Rocket Teams Aim for the Skies at NASA Student Launch Initiative May 4-6

A reusable solid rocket motor successfully fires during testing April 28 at a Utah test facility. The static-fire test was conducted by ATK Launch Systems in Promontory for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. 04.28.06: NASA Successfully Completes Solid Rocket Motor Test April 28

A student-built rocket launches with a scientific payload of live crickets during the 2005 NASA Student Launch Initiative. 04.27.06: High School Teams From Across the Country to Test Rocket-Building Skills at NASA Student Launch Initiative May 4-6

04.25.06: Children Get Behind-the-Scene Look at NASA During Take Our Children to Work Day

Dr. Martin Weisskopf 04.25.06: Dr. Weisskopf Honored With George W. Goddard Award

Chandra X-ray and VLA Radio image of NGC 4696 04.24.06: NASA's Chandra Finds Black Holes Are 'Green'

Byron W. Butler 04.19.06: Byron Butler, NASA Marshall Center Deputy Director for Procurement, Appointed to Federal Senior Executive Service

An artist’s rendering of the Crew Launch Vehicle, now in development by NASA engineers and technologists around the nation. 04.18.06: NASA's Crew Launch Vehicle to Power Space Exploration; Alabamians Get First Glimpse of Next-Generation Spaceflight April 18-23

Test of an engine fueled by liquid oxygen and liquid methane 04.17.06: NASA, Industry and Air Force Team Achieves Critical Milestone in Liquid Oxygen-Liquid Methane Engine Development Program

Tara Polsgrove and Larry Kos of the Marshall Center use Low-Thrust Trajectory Tools, new software for analyzing missions that use low-thrust propulsion technologies. 04.13.06: New NASA 'Tool Set' Will Simplify Engineers' Efforts to Better Analyze Space Travel Concepts and Missions

04.13.06: NASA to Bring Moon, Mars Experience to Nashville, Tenn., April 20-23

04.13.06: Media Invited to Attend NASA Open House Event April 19 at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans

04.13.06: Birmingham To Host NASA's Interactive Space Exploration Experience April 20-23

04.10.06: Montgomery Star-Gazers to Travel Among the Stars With NASA's Interactive Space Exploration Exhibit April 14-15, 17-18

Moonbuggy team from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kan. 04.08.06: Pittsburg State University Cruises to Victory in College Division of NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race

The team from the Huntsville Center for Technology of Huntsville, Ala., takes a corner at high speed and heads for home and victory in the high school division of NASA's 13th annual Great Moonbuggy Race. 04.07.06: Huntsville Center for Technology High School Rockets to the Winner's Circle in NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race

04.07.06: Tuskegee Community Will Travel Among the Stars With NASA's Interactive Space Exploration Exhibit April 10-12

04.06.06: Find Students’ Results for NASA’s 13th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race at The Marshall Center Newsroom Web Site Friday and Saturday

04.05.06: Mobile Baybears Baseball Fans to Experience Outer Space With NASA's Interactive Space Exploration Exhibit April 6-8

The Vision for Space Exploration Experience is housed on a 53-foot-long, custom-designed trailer. 04.04.06: NASA to Bring the Stars to Alabama With Interactive Exploration Exhibit

Balanced flow meter 04.03.06: NASA's Marshall Center Develops Faster, Less Expensive Approach to Fluid Flow Meter Design For Industries

04.03.06: Next Generation of Scientists And Engineers to Compete This Weekend in NASA’s 13th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race

03.30.06: Students From Your Area Ready to Take on the Moon in NASA's 13th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race

Team two of Pittsburg State University, Kansas, rolls through the course to a second place finish at NASA's 12th Annual 03.29.06: NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race Helps Steer Students' Career Paths, and May Take Some to the Moon

03.28.06: NASA Brings Veteran Astronaut, Vision for Space Exploration to Tennessee Students

03.27.06: NASA's Exploration Systems Progress Report

Marshall solar scientist Mitzi Adams 03.24.06: NASA Marshall Center Astronomer Mitzi Adams Controls the Cosmos -- And Uses that Power to Inspire Students to Science Careers

Bill McArthur 03.23.06: International Space Station Expedition 12 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending March 10, 2006

An artist's illustration depicts a quasar in the center of a galaxy that is expelling gas at high speeds. The inset contains a Chandra X-ray image of the quasar 4C37.43. 03.23.06: NASA's Chandra Finds Evidence for Quasar Ignition

A team from Arizona State University in Tempe pushes through a lunar obstacle during NASA's 11th Annual 'Great Moonbuggy Race' at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala. 03.16.06: Students Race to the Future in NASA's 13th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race April 7-8

Two-minute static firing of a space shuttle technical evaluation motor 03.09.06: NASA Successfully Completes Solid Rocket Motor Test

Space shuttle external tank ET-119 rolls out  at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility. 02.24.06: NASA Ships External Fuel Tank for Next Space Shuttle Mission

Test engineer Alonzo Frost, shown with a crew launch vehicle model being tested in the MSFC Aerodynamics Research Facility. 02.21.06: NASA's Exploration Systems Progress Report

Booster Separation Test Stand 02.17.06: NASA's Marshall Center Gains Booster Separation Motor Testing Capability

02.17.06: Local High School Students to 'Shadow' Marshall Center Engineers Feb. 23

02.16.06: Marshall Center Celebrates Black History Month Feb. 23

02.15.06: Test Firing at Marshall Center Will Be Heard in Huntsville Thursday, Feb. 16

NASA archaeologist Dr. Tom Sever explores the Guatemalan jungle, which hides the ruins of one of the world's oldest and most mysterious civilizations –- the Maya. 02.15.06: NASA, University Scientists Uncover Lost Maya Ruins -- From Space

02.15.06: NASA Sponsors Local School in Robotics Competition

02.15.06: NASA Sponsors Local School in Robotics Competition

02.15.06: NASA Sponsors Local School in Robotics Competition

SuitSat-1 02.14.06: International Space Station Expedition 12 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending February 10, 2006

02.14.06: NASA Brings Vision for Space Exploration to Shreveport Students

NASA engineers Van, left, and Rosalynne Strickland view a mural depicting NASA's projects and missions. 02.10.06: Marshall Center Couple Works Side-By-Side to Ensure Safety of NASA's Missions

At the Marshall Center, Bob Bagdigian and Robyn Carrasquillo look over the Oxygen Generation System. 02.09.06: NASA Preparing Oxygen Generation System for Space Station

02.08.06: Exploration Progress Report for Week Ending February 3

International Space Station Flight Engineer John Phillips 02.03.06: Space Station Astronaut John Phillips to Visit NASA’s Marshall Center Friday, Feb. 10

Chandra and optical observations of the massive spiral galaxy NGC 5746. 02.03.06: Detection of Hot Halo Gets Theory Out of Hot Water

02.02.06: NASA FY 2007 Budget Briefing Scheduled Monday, Feb. 6
NASA's Super Guppy 02.01.06: NASA’s Super Guppy Aircraft to Deliver Module for Crew Life Support Testing to Marshall Center Feb. 8

01.31.06: International Space Station Expedition 12 Science Operations Status Report for the Week Ending January 27, 2006

Patrick Scheuermann, right, receives NASA's Outstanding Leadership Medal from NASA Administrator Michael Griffin during an awards ceremony at the Michoud Assembly Facility. 01.23.06: NASA Michoud Assembly Facility’s Patrick Scheuermann Receives Medal for Hurricane Katrina Effort

01.20.06: NASA, Pensacola Chamber to Help Small Businesses 'Make the Connection' to Gain Federal and Industry Contracts Jan. 24-25

01.20.06: NASA, Mercedes-Benz to Help Small Companies 'Make the Connection' to Gain Federal and Industry Contracts in Forum Jan. 23

David A. King -- Director, Marshall Space Flight Center 01.19.06: NASA's Marshall Center Director David King Selected Associate Fellow by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

01.18.06: NASA Announces 13th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race

Sample gallery of X-ray and optical images studied. 01.10.06: NASA's Chandra Finds Black Holes Stirring Up Galaxies

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