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Earth Science Applications Travelogue: Day 1: Sunday, May 11
May 13, 2014

[image-51]I boarded the F.G. Walton Smith midday on Sunday in Galveston, Texas. Most of the day has been spent meeting the ship’s crew, touring the ship’s facilities and getting to know other research team members. 

Four new members of the research team, myself included, replace four other members that supported the cruise during the first leg of the research cruise April 28 to May 10. Leg 2 begins tomorrow and will conclude near the end of May in Miami after a refueling stop at Gulfport, Mississippi, around May 21.

I have been assigned the day shift along with John Lamkin, chief scientist with NOAA, Raul Laiz from Spain, Sarah Privoznik with NOAA, and Justin Suca of the University of Miami. My shift works from 12 noon to midnight each day. Other research team members working the night shift are Aras Zygas from NOAA, Joel Lopiz from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Selene M. Guiterez from Mexico, Katherine Doering of the University of Miami and LaTreese Denson from Oregon State University.

We will sail at 9 a.m. EDT following safety training for the new research crew members. It will take about a day to reach the first sampling station in the Gulf. The weather has not been favorable and the forecast is poor for most of next week with 15-20 knot winds and 5-7 foot seas. Motion sickness has been a problem for some members of the research team and crew, so I plan to take motion sickness medication starting tonight.

The University of Miami crew provided a very tasty boiled crawfish dinner and trimmings this evening. My gear is stowed and bunk made up, so I am ready to sign off until tomorrow.

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By Maury Estes
Associate Program Manager, Ecological Forecasting,
Applied Sciences Program, NASA Headquarters

Media Contact: Janet Anderson
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.
256-544-0994, janet.l.anderson@nasa.gov


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Research vessel F.G. Walton Smith
Research vessel F.G. Walton Smith.
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