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2005 Chandra X-ray Observatory News Releases
The Chandra News Release Archive contains the latest news, photos, media advisories and features, organized by date and year. The Chandra News Web site is managed by Marshall Space Flight Center Public Affairs Office.

Composite image of the M87 galaxy. 10.05.06: Chandra Reviews Black Hole Musical: Epic But Off-Key

A composite image of supernova remnant RCW 86, using data from Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray observatories. 09.18.06: New Evidence Links Stellar Remains to Oldest Recorded Supernova

Composite image of the galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56, also known as the 'bullet cluster.' 08.21.06: NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

These six galaxy clusters are among 38 that scientists observed with Chandra to help determine the Hubble constant.  The clusters’ distances range from 1.4 to 9.3 million light years from Earth. 08.08.06: Chandra Independently Determines Hubble Constant

Composite image of GRO J1655-40 06.21.06: NASA's Chandra Solves Black Hole Paradox

A newly released image of Supernova Remnant IC443 combines wide-field X-ray, radio and optical observations. The pullout, also a composite, shows a neutron star spewing out a comet-like wake of high-energy particles. 06.01.06: The Case of the Neutron Star With a Wayward Wake

Dr. Martin Weisskopf 04.25.06: Dr. Weisskopf Honored With George W. Goddard Award

Chandra X-ray and VLA Radio image of NGC 4696 04.24.06: Chandra Finds Black Holes to Be 'Green'

An artist's illustration depicts a quasar in the center of a galaxy that is expelling gas at high speeds. The inset contains a Chandra X-ray image of the quasar 4C37.43. 04.07.06: NASA's Chandra Finds Evidence for Quasar Ignition

Chandra and optical observations of the massive spiral galaxy NGC 5746. 02.03.06: Detection of Hot Halo Gets Theory Out of Hot Water

Sample gallery of X-ray and optical images studied. NASA's Chandra Finds Black Holes Stirring Up Galaxies