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2001 Chandra X-ray Observatory News Releases
The Chandra News Release Archive contains the latest news, photos, media advisories and features, organized by date and year. The Chandra News Web site is managed by Marshall Space Flight Center Public Affairs Office.

12.19.01: Hot Galactic Arms Point to Vicious Cycle

11.29.01: Chandra Captures Venus in a Whole New Light

11.26.01: What If Our Sun Had a Twin? Chandra Gives Us Clues

10.23.01: Chandra looks at the aftermath of a massive star explosion

10.19.01: X-ray Emissions Detected from Elusive Cosmic Objects

10.12.01: M31: Closer Look Reveals Andromeda's Black Hole Not as "Cool" as Believed

09.06.01: Young Pulsar Reveals Clues to Supernova

09.06.01: Chandra Discovers Eruption and Pulsation in Nova Outburst

09.06.01: Chandra Examines Quadrillion-Volt Pulsar

09.06.01: Chandra Probes Nature of Dark Matter

09.05.01: Chandra Catches Milky Way Monster Snacking

09.04.01: NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Marks Two Years of Important Discoveries

08.09.01: Astronomers Go Behind the Milky Way to Solve X-ray Mystery

07.18.01: Chandra Detects Halo of Hot Gas Around Milky Way-like Galaxy

06.06.01: Chandra Captures First X-rays From Young Planetary Nebula

06.06.01: Star Factory Near Galactic Center Bathed in High-Energy X-rays

06.05.01: Chandra Sees Wealth of Black Holes in Star-Forming Galaxies

05.29.01: A Quasar's Identity May Simply Be in the Eye of the Beholder

05.17.01: Chandra Reveals Nest of Tight Binaries in Dense Cluster

05.14.01: Chandra Examines Black Holes Large and Small in Nearby Galaxy

05.07.01: Chandra Pinpoints Edge of Accretion Disk Around Black Hole

04.04.01: Gamma-Ray Bursts May Originate in Star-Forming Regions

03.13.01: Deepest X-rays Ever Reveal Universe Teeming With Black Holes

03.05.01: Chandra Observes Compact Galaxy Group

02.20.01: Chandra Discovers Most Distant X-ray Cluster

02.02.01: Supernova May Control Activity at Milky Way's Center

01.23.01: NGC 3603 is a Bustling Region of Star Birth

01.11.01: Not Seeing is Believing When It Comes to Event Horizon Evidence

01.10.01: Chandra Links Pulsar to Historic Supernova

01.08.01: Chandra Reveals X-ray Glint in Cat's Eye