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1999-1997 Chandra X-ray Observatory News Releases
The Chandra News Release Archive contains the latest news, photos, media advisories and features, organized by date and year. The Chandra News Web site is managed by Marshall Space Flight Center Public Affairs Office.

12.21.99: Chandra Maps Vital Elements From Supernova

12.09.99: The End of Days: Chandra Catches X-ray Glow From Supernova

12.09.99: Chandra Ploughs Up a Snake in Hydra A

11.09.99: NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Chosen Among "Best of What's New" By Popular Science Magazine

10.22.99: Chandra Probes Explosive Activity in Centaurus A Galaxy

10.08.99: New Chandra X-ray Observatory Images Reveal Shocking Details Of Mysterious Superstar's Activity

09.28.99: Chandra Discovers X-ray Ring Around Cosmic Powerhouse in Crab Nebula

09.23.99: Scientists to Detail Chandra Finding Of Bright Ring Around Cosmic Powerhouse

09.20.99: Chandra Images Provide New Vision Of Cosmic Explosions

09.09.99: Distant Supernova Remnant Imaged by Chandra X-ray Observatory's High Resolution Camera

08.26.99: Husband and Wife from Atlanta See Results of Efforts With Images from NASA's Chandra X-ray Telescope

08.26.99: Chandra X-ray Observatory: Engineering Marvel of the Large, Small and Sophisticated

08.26.99: NASA Unveils First Images From Chandra X-ray Observatory

08.23.99: Experts to Share First Pictures from World’s Most Powerful X-ray Observatory

08.23.99: First Images From Marshall Center Managed Chandra X-ray Observatory to be Released

08.23.99: First Images From Chandra X-ray Observatory to Be Released

08.23.99: NASA Scientist to See 22 Years Pay Off With Release of First Images From World's Strongest X-ray Telescope

07.26.99: Chandra X-ray Observatory News Center Hours Set for Remainder of STS-93 Shuttle Mission

07.15.99: Chandra X-ray Observatory News Center Opens July 18; Will Provide Special Media Services in Cambridge, Mass.

07.06.99: How To Cover NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory

06.18.99: KSC Countdown Test Offers Media Opportunities with STS-93 Astronauts

06.15.99: Latest Status on Chandra X-ray Observatory Now Online

02.19.99: Chandra Fellows Named

02.04.99: Chandra X-ray Observatory Arrives at KSC for Processing 

02.04.99: TRW Ships NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory To KSC

01.20.99: NASA Announces Delay in Shipment of Chandra

01.14.99: Team Conducts Dry Run of Chandra X-ray Observatory Launch

12.21.98: NASA Selects New Name And Sets New Launch Date For Advanced Space X-Ray Telescope

10.13.98: NASA Delays Shipment of X-Ray Telescope to KSC to Allow Additional Testing

07.08.98: NASA X-ray Observatory Completes Tests Under Harsh Simulated Space Conditions

06.25.98: Shuttle Astronauts Visit NASA's X-ray Observatory Operations Control Center

04.16.98: NASA Announces Contest to Name X-Ray Observatory

03.12.98: Assembly of NASA's Most Powerful X-Ray Telescope Completed

03.11.98: First AXAF Fellowships Awarded

02.06.98: NASA�s Most Powerful X-Ray Observatory Passes Critical Test With Flying Colors

12.05.97: Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility Delivery Delayed

11.04.97: NASA's Next Orbiting Observatory Clears Key Milestone

09.11.97: Control Center For NASA'S Advanced X-Ray Telescope Opens In Cambridge, MA.

03.20.97: Advanced X-Ray Telescope Mirrors Sharpest Focus Ever