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Marshall Space Flight Center Fact Sheets
Marshall Newsroom fact sheets provide current and background information on a variety of NASA projects. Fact sheets are posted in HTML or PDF format. To download the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader, visit the Adobe download page.

Chandra X-ray Observatory

Chandra X-ray Observatory
Chandra X-ray Observatory Quick Facts

Chandra X-ray Observatory, Historical

Inertial Upper Stage (IUS)

Constellation Program

Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle (PDF, 192 KB)
Ares V Cargo Launch Vehicle (PDF, 380 KB)

DART Flight Demonstrator

Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (DART) (PDF, 378 KB)

Discovery/New Frontiers Missions

Discovery/New Frontiers Missions (PDF, 227 KB)

Earth Sciences

CAMEX-4 Hurricane Study (PDF, 381 KB)
NASA 'Heat Hunters' Combat Effects of Urban Heat Island (PDF, 206 KB)

Gravity Probe B

Gravity Probe B: Testing Einstein's Universe (PDF, 2.65 MB)

In-Space Propulsion

Advanced Chemical Propulsion (PDF, 129 KB)
Aerocapture (PDF, 620 KB)
Antimatter Propulsion (PDF, 166 KB)
Ceramic Matrix Composite Turbine Disks (PDF, 68 KB)
Fission Propulsion (PDF, 72 KB)
Ion Propulsion (PDF, 318 KB)
Lightweight Foam Core Systems for In-Space Applications (PDF, 76 KB)
Momentum-Exchange Electrodynamic Reboost (MXER) Tether (PDF, 557 KB)
Opening the Space Frontier: In-Space Propulsion Technologies (PDF, 2.0 MB)
Propulsion Research Laboratory (PDF, 420 KB)
Solar Electric Propulsion (PDF, 615 KB)
Solar Sail Propulsion (PDF, 137 KB)
Ultra-Light Tank Technology (PDF, 223 KB)

Launch Vehicles, Historical

Hypersonics (PDF, 277 KB)
Low Cost Technologies

Advanced Propulsion, Historical

Integrated System Test of an Air-breathing Rocket (PDF, 3.00 MB)
Pulse Detonation Rocket Engines (PDF, 393 KB)

Marshall Space Flight Center

NASA's Marshall Center Has Major Role in Current and Future Space Exploration

Marshall Space Flight Center, Historical

A Brief History of Marshall Space Flight Center
Marshall Space Flight Center: Today's Vision for Space -- Tomorrow's Missions in Space (PDF, 175 KB)
Marshall Space Flight Center's Superfund Program


NASA Research Helps Map Protein Structures -- Key in the Development of New Disease-Fighting Drugs

Microgravity, Historical

Microgravity Research Program

National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM)

National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM) (PDF, 284 KB)

National Space Science Technology Center

National Space Science and Technology Center (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Next Generation Launch Technology

Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator (PDF, 113 KB)

Next Generation Launch Technology, Historical

Next Generation Launch Technology Program (PDF, 88 KB)
TR107 Engine Technology Summary (PDF, 168 KB)


Solar X-ray Imager (PDF, 138 KB)
X-ray Calibration Facility (PDF, 156 KB)

Optics, Historical

Optical Transient Detector

Orbital Space Plane, Historical

Orbital Space Plane (PDF, 127 KB)
Pad Abort Demonstrator (PDF, 1.5 MB)
X-37 Demonstrator to Test Future Launch Technologies in Orbit and Reentry Environments (PDF, 2.0 MB)
Solar X-Ray Imager (PDF, 139 KB)

Solar-B: Mission to the Sun

+ Solar-B: Mission to the Sun (PDF, 114 KB)

Space Launch Initiative, Historical

Airframe Systems Technologies (PDF, 190 KB)
Fastrac Engine
Fastrac Engine (PDF)
Flight Demos (PDF, 156 KB)
Flight Mechanics (PDF, 179 KB)
Ground Operations (PDF, 166 KB)
Linear Aerospike Engine
NASA Unique Systems (PDF, 168 KB)
Propulsion (PDF, 206 KB)
SLI Architecture Definition
SLI Summary
Space Launch Initiative: Technology to Pioneer the Space Frontier
Vehicle Subsystems (PDF, 173 KB)

Space Shuttle

A Walk Around the Space Shuttle (PDF, 380 KB)
Advanced Health Management System (PDF, 633 KB)
Bolt Catcher Modifications on the Solid Rocket Booster (PDF, 368 KB)
Down-to-Earth Shuttle Benefits (PDF, 197 KB)
External Tank Forward Bipod Fitting (PDF, 239 KB)
External Tank Liquid Hydrogen Tank/Intertank Flange (PDF, 280 KB)
External Tank LOX Bellows (PDF, 315 KB)
External Tank Protuberance Air Load (PAL) Ramps (PDF, 398 KB)
External Tank Thermal Protection System (PDF, 212 KB)
Friction Stir Welding (PDF, 828 KB)
Improvements to the Space Shuttle ’s External Tank (PDF, 2 MB)
Preparing the External Tank, ET-118 (PDF, 331 KB)
Return to Flight: External Tank, ET-119 (PDF, 459 KB)
Space Shuttle External Tank and Solid Rocket Booster Camera Systems (PDF, 324 KB)
Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) Enhancements (PDF, 30KB)
Space Shuttle Main Engine Turbopump (PDF, 151 KB)
Space Shuttle Propulsion Systems (PDF, 389 KB)
Space Shuttle Propulsion Trivia (PDF, 249 KB)
Spinoffs from the Shuttle Program
Super Lightweight External Tank (PDF, 127 KB)

Space Station, General

Expedition Thirteen Science Operations Overview
Expedition Twelve Science Operations Overview
Expedition Eleven Science Operations Overview
Expedition Ten Science Operations Overview
Expedition Nine Science Operations Overview
Expedition Eight Science Operations Overview
Expedition Seven Science Operations Overview
Expedition Six Science Operations Overview
Expedition Five Science Operations Overview
Expedition Four Science Operations Overview
Expedition Three Science Operations Overview
Expedition Two Science Operations Overview
ECLSS: International Space Station Environmental Control and Life Support System (PDF, 996 KB)
Marshall Space Flight Center's Role in Development (PDF, 760 KB)
Payload Equipment Restraint System (PERS)
Payload Operations Center (PDF, 150 KB)

Space Station, Historical

Middeck Active Control Experiment-II
Volatile Removal Assembly Flight Experiment

Space Station, Facilities

EXPRESS Racks 1 & 2 (PDF, 497 KB)
EXPRESS Rack 3 (PDF, 241 KB)
EXPRESS Racks 4 and 5 (PDF, 222 KB)
Human Research Facility Rack 1 (PDF, 583 KB)
Microgravity Science Glovebox (PDF, 382 KB)

Space Station Facilities, Historical

Advanced Protein Crystalization Facility (APCF)
Protein Crystal Growth (PCG) Single-locker Thermal Enclosure System (STES) housing the Protein Crystallization Apparatus for Microgravity (PCAM)

X-Vehicles, Historical

X-33 Advanced Technology Demonstrator
X-33 Flight Operations Center
X-34: Demonstrating Reusable Launch Vehicle Technologies
X-37 Demonstrator to Test Future Launch Technologies in Orbit and Reentry Environments (PDF, 2.0 MB
X-37 Historical Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.8 MB)
X-38 Deorbit Propulsion System (PDF)