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Marshall Center's Steve Cook, 'Rocket Boy' Homer Hickam Launch Ares I Scale Model Rocket
Kimberly Newton
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.

Photo release: 08-009

Launch of Ares I scale model + Large (1129 x 2100, 300 ppi)
+ Medium (516 x 960, 72 ppi)
+ Small (100 x 75, 72 ppi)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Steve Cook, right, manager of the Ares Projects Office at the Marshall Center, and Homer Hickam, center, a former NASA engineer who is the author of the bestseller "Rocket Boys: A Memoir," successfully launch a 1:100 scale model of the Ares I crew launch vehicle on Jan. 15. They are assisted by Vince Huegele, left, a Marshall test engineer in the Engineering Directorate. The model rocket, built by Estes-Cox Corp. in Penrose, Colo., well-known makers of educational model rocket kits, soared approximately 800 ft. before its descent. The Ares I crew launch vehicle, designed to loft the Orion crew exploration vehicle to orbit, is a key component of NASA's Constellation Program, which will send humans to explore the moon by 2020 to set up a permanent lunar outpost. The Marshall Center manages the Ares Project for NASA's Constellation Program, based at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. (NASA/MSFC)

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