'Moon Tree' Thrives at Marshall Space Flight Center
2009 moon tree re-dedication at Marshall Space Flight Center

Standing in front of a sycamore moon tree planted in 1996 across from Building 4708 are, from left, former Marshall Director Dr. Wayne Littles, former Marshall Center Deputy Director Dr. Carolyn Griner and alternate STS-45 Payload Specialist Dr. Rick Chappell.

In 1971, astronaut Stuart Roosa carried sycamore seeds to the moon aboard Apollo XIV. Later one was planted at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Miss. During an Earth Day ceremony at Marshall in 1996, an offspring from that tree was planted by Littles, Griner and Chappell. The three admired its growth at the 2009 Earth Day celebration.

Image credit: NASA/MSFC/E. Given