Doing Business With Marshall: Space Act Agreements

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Partnerships, Business Opportunities and Space Act Agreements
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Doing Business WIth Marshall: Space Act Agreement

A solid partnership enables us to bring our expertise, assets and information together, furthering the mission of partners while simultaneously helping to further our goals for space exploration. Space Act Agreements (SAAs) are a primary method NASA uses for partnering with the external community.

Through the SAA, the Marshall Center makes its facilities, services, knowledge and skills available to industry, universities and other government agencies. These agreements represent a vast array of opportunities for the external community to utilize the center’s unique resources, including laboratories and test facilities, research and development, analytical capabilities, and technical expertise. Likewise, SAAs enable the Marshall Center to access technologies from partner organizations to help meet NASA’s overall missions.

Marshall may also participate in shared services or collaboration activities, in which both parties may exchange technical information, expertise, hardware or facilities. These agreements are non-competitive and offer flexibility for mutual benefits. Some examples of recent space act agreements include: electronic hardware testing in our Environmental Test Facility; wind tunnel testing for producing an aerodynamic database; thermophyscial property evaluation of certain types of materials in our Electrostatic Levitation Facility; space environmental effects testing on solar array materials; and structural research into the potential effects of space weather on nuclear facilities.

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