Doing Business With Marshall: Accessing Our Data

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Materials and Processes Technical Information System
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Space Environments and Effects (SEE) Program
Marshall Space Flight Center SEE Office
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Standards and Technical Assistance Resource Tool (START)
Marshall Space Flight Center’s Technical Standards Program Office
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MSFC Software Catalog
Marshall Space Flight Center Technology Development and   Transfer Office
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Doing Business With Marshall: Accessing Our Data

Accessing Data
The unique technical knowledge and data accumulated over decades of experience at the Marshall Space Flight Center is made available to the external community. Our center maintains and makes available various information systems on behalf of NASA. Each database listed below provides quick descriptions and links to easily access the database or directory.

Materials and Processes Technical Information Systems (MAPTIS)
MAPTIS provides a single-point source for materials properties for NASA and NASA associated contractors, partners and organizations. MAPTIS is a materials and processes (M&P) informatics system that contains physical, mechanical and environmental properties for metallic and non-metallic materials to ensure successful performance, increase safety, and to save resources throughout a product life cycle. As NASA’S authorized guide to materials that are safe to use in specific operating environments, MAPTIS provides materials information for material design data, reference data, test reports and a broad range of other M&P information.

Space Environments and Effects (SEE) Program
The Space Environments and Effects (SEE) Program collected, developed and disseminated the SEE-related technologies required to design, manufacture and operate more reliable, cost-effective spacecraft for the government and commercial sectors. The list of SEE models and databases is meant to be a resource locator for those persons interested in using or obtaining further information about models and/or databases used by scientists and engineers in the space environment community.

Standards and Technical Assistance Resource Tool (START)
The START web site provides unlimited desktop access to center standards and government document collections. Providing a single point of access to over 1.6 million active standards from over 300 Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), including Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA, START promotes technical excellence and furthers mission success by enhancing NASA’s technical capabilities through standardization.

Marshall Space Flight Center Catalog
The software catalog permits the Marshall Space Flight Center Software Release Authority (SRA) and others to present a detailed umbrella of software products developed at the Marshall Center and available to prospective users within the Agency, companies, and academia. The software catalog can be accessed on the Marshall center’s Technology Transfer website.

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