Doing Business With Marshall: Teaming With Us

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Doing Business With Marshall: Teaming With Us

Opportunities at the Marshall center are rich and varied, ranging from working with the propulsion and launch industry, to involvement with science and discovery missions, to technology development.  The Marshall center’s business development and opportunity management organization actively identifies, captures and pursues new work for the center in the areas of propulsion, space transportation and launch vehicles, space systems and scientific research.

Tracking business opportunities publicized through Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs), Announcements of Opportunities (AOs), NSPIRES (NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System) and other procurement areas, the Marshall Center seeks to engage in opportunities that support  NASA priorities. We pursue teaming arrangements and active relationships with potential business partners on new initiatives.

Briefing Us on Your Capabilities
The Marshall Center has forged solid connections with innovative companies, laboratories and academic institutes across the country and around the world. We enjoy responsive, mutually beneficial relationships with organizations in a broad range of scientific and technological fields. To support our mission, we are seeking to team with industry and other government agencies to ascertain areas of shared interests in product development and/or application. Briefing us on your capabilities will help us understand who you are, what you do and what products you offer that would be of mutual benefit. 

If you have a complementary area of technology or research to support Marshall’s missions and core capabilities, we look forward to hearing from you.

Joint Development
To create broader opportunities for technology and product development, as well as capturing new work on behalf of the center, we may enter into a joint development agreement with companies, agencies or individuals. Such arrangements are used when a product or intellectual property is developed between those parties, resulting in cost-shared partnerships of mutual benefit to NASA and our partners. Such initiatives involve not only the development of new technology, but often leverage existing technologies.

Bid Teaming
Through teaming arrangements with well-qualified eligible alliances, such as industry, NASA centers, academia and other government agencies, the Marshall center actively seeks to bid competitively on emerging opportunities for new work.

Strategic teaming arrangements enable both parties to combine resources to bid and capture new work. Such arrangements may involve Marshall acting as the supplier on a partner’s bid, or a partner acting as a supplier on a Marshall bid.

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