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Hubble Directly Observes a Planet Orbiting Another Star

Marshall Space Flight Center is a key contributor to significant NASA programs, continuing a legacy of accomplishment that includes the Saturn V rocket, Skylab, space shuttle propulsion, Spacelab, the Hubble Space Telescope and the construction and operation of the International Space Station.

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Focus on Marshall

Focus on Marshall

Focus on Marshall is a monthly video update that highlights capabilities around the Marshall Center.

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Marshall Star

Marshall Star

Published every Thursday, the Marshall Star serves as the Marshall Center's weekly newspaper.

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Accessing Marshall’s Capabilities and Expertise

    Marshall is always seeking opportunities to make the Center's unique resources and expertise available to industry, foundations, universities, and other non-government organizations as well as other government agencies. Marshall provides its facilities, services, data and personnel to partners through a contractual arrangement called a Space Act Agreement. Space Act Agreements can be a collaborative effort between NASA and a partner with no funds exchanged or the partner may obtain use of NASA’s unique resources for a fee.

    If you have an idea to discuss about partnering with Marshall, please take a moment to tell us something about your organization and your partnership idea. Email and provide as much information as you think appropriate. If the information you wish to discuss is sensitive or represents competitive knowledge, please indicate that in the message. You will be contacted by the Space Act Agreement Manager, Scott Jackson, prior to the close of the next business day. He will arrange an initial meeting by phone with a Marshall representative to discuss your idea and will stay in contact with you throughout your partnership. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring next steps.

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  • Marshall Prime Contractors

    MSFC Prime Contractors

    A list of the prime contractors doing business at Marshall Space Flight Center.

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