Marshall Technology Expo 2014

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Marshall Technology Expo 2014

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Marshall Space Flight Center proudly presents Marshall Technology Exposition – the Center’s premiere event showcasing the emerging technologies in development by the Marshall team. This event will feature more than 30 exhibits along with technology- and partnership-focused panels that invite businesses to join NASA on the journey of exploration into deep space.

NASA technologists and senior executives, along with business and academia, will come together at this one event to discuss the challenges associated with exploration, technologies required, and opportunities to partner in developing those technologies that enable global exploration ambitions.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center – Davidson Center for Space Exploration
Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

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› Event Agenda (pdf, 453 Kb) (Updated agenda as of Oct. 23, 2014)

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Marshall Capabilities

Graphic for Marshall Core Products BrochureMarshall Core Products
Marshall brings vital resources to NASA and the nation for solving unique challenges of space exploration. This brochure is a summary of core products and capabilities at Marshall.
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Graphic for Marshall eBookMarshall Core Capabilities
Marshall maintains a cadre of capabilities through the expertise of its team members and the unique facilities at the center. This book details the core capabilities and services available to the agency, other government partners, and industry.
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