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Focus on Marshall

    Marshall's Shuttle Propulsion Managers reflect on the final Space Shuttle Mission in the July episode of 'Focus on Marshall.'

    Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Booster Manager David Beaman, left, is interviewed by Co-hosts, Lori Meggs and Bill Hubscher reminisce with the current Shuttle Propulsion managers and our Center Director at KSC before the launch of STS-134 on the coming close of the program. After thirty years of successfully supporting the country's space goals, the shuttle program comes to an end with the launch of STS-135. From KSC we'll take viewers to see Atlantis, the final tank/booster stack and main engines to hear from their leaders about some of their favorite memories and proudest moments. Our hosts will talk with David Beaman, Steve Cash, Jerry Cook, John Honeycutt, Helen McConnaughey, Jody Singer and of course our Center Director, Robert Lightfoot. "Focus on Marshall" airs on Marshall TV July 7, 12, 14, 18 and 21 at 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. The series is available on NASA TV, Inside Marshall and on the NASA Portal.

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    Marshall Facts

    Marshall Space Flight Center is a key contributor to significant NASA programs, continuing a legacy of accomplishment.

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  • Marshall Star

    Marshall Star

    Published online every Wednesday, the Marshall Star serves as the Marshall Center's weekly newspaper.

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